"Nature is capable of giving you all your desires without loosing anything itself. Scarcity is not real, it only appears where we chose to see it." ...
Abundance and Prosperity Orgone Products

**Feel the abundance from the inside!***

Prosperity vibrations are in many cases affected by ancestors and oaths of poverty made on genetic levels, blocking the progress in achieving abundance.

The abundance and prosperity orgone pendant is a powerful tool designed to help

* alter non beneficial poverty frequencies, suggestions and vow of poverty in past lives in order to get into the right prosperous attitude, blessing yourself with abundance

* enhance prosperity consciousness, welcoming new financial growth

* stimulate your subconscious mind to attract the physical manifestation of Prosperity and abundance into your life

* readjust belief systems, memories, emotions to attract prosperity

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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Approx dimensions: diameter coin: 2 1/2''


Place Abundance and Prosperity Orgone Large Coin in and around your home or business, near your home office or bill paying area to attract the flow of prosperity into your life.




Place abundance and orgone coins in cash registers and safe to help attract business, carry them in your pocket, wallet or purse to help attract prosperity and wealth.

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''


Abundance Gem Elixir
Approx dimensions: 1oz

Abundance and Prosperity Gem Elixir

Life is all about growth, expansion of consciousness.

This vibrational elixir was created to help keep a clear mind, staying focused in the present, in the NOW, keeping you grounded in the abundance and prosperities vibrations. Spray over your aura or your space, before meditation, praying, etc. Wipe over your chakras. Another great way to absorb the elixirs is to place them in your bath water or mix them into your body lotion.


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