Grounding with Mother Earth heals…

Powerful Grounding Technique for New Times

This technique was given to us during a Pisces New Moon Transmission.

I love Pisces; there is so much psychic insight when planets in particularly Moon are in Pisces.

This is a POWERFUL FREE Technique, please treat with respect and share with others who are in need of grounding.

So here it is:

Feet flat on the Earth.

Breathe into your feet: in through the nose out through the mouth.

Feel the breathe in your feet.

Keep breathing while being aware of breathing through your feet.

The important part is to stay aware and present with the breathe.

If thoughts arise remember this is the mind resisting or enquiring.

If thoughts are negative in nature, its the mind battling.

Feet Grounding

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The battle of mind is trying to being in control in any situation.

Instead of being in control, UNDERSTAND the situation and allow it to unfold without being attached.

Detachment and ignorance are two different words of two different vibrations.
Be very clear, as some people confuse the two.
Chose detachment with wisdom.

While you are grounding and breathing through your feet, pick a belief system and connect with it.

Ask if the belief system serves you well or served you well so far.

If so, Ask Mother Earth to help you streghten it.

If not it is time to let go of this belief system in order to make room for a new one.

We all go through different beliefs during life…

If you love your life and are satisfied then you are on the right path,
if you struggle then time to change the way of thinking.

Now see energy spiraling down from your mind down through both feet deep deep into the core of the Earth.

Time to let go of thoughts that make us insane...

Mother Earth is so gracefully accepting our drama and negative thoughts.

We just have to be very thankful to her, honoring her!

Trust her. She is there to support us with our evolution process and she knows how to recycle
these unhealthy thoughts into healthy positive thoughts.

"Angels are present when you are Earthed"
This is a powerful message that came during this transmission.
~ As above so below ~ Balance ~

Next use this visual Grounding Trinity Breath

Breathe deeply into the Earth via your feet,
Breath into your heart,
Breath above into Angelic Realms via crown (top of head) chakra
Then breathe the other way, Crown, heart, feet...

Do this a few times and end this loop of breathing in the heart center.

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Spirit reminds us to stay grounded DAILY.

Feet chakra balancers are a gift from Divine to help us with Grounding Process.
They came into this realm via Spirit.

Check them out, they helped many people with grounding issues.
They have helped me very much with Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening.

Enjoy the meditation, share with others and let me know how it works
by leaving comments below.

~ Namaste
Lilly Natures Blessing


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