Healing - over the phone - online


Many toxins and energetic debris are accumulated in the aura, subtle bodies, and chakras (the energy vortices of the body).
If that happens the body gets ill. Miracles happen when aura gets cleared and chakras unblocked.

The one who receives the healing energy needs to accept the healing.
I am only directing the energy and assist with the healing process but the one who receives the energy does the actual healing.
The body or mind heals itself if the receiver allows the healing energy.


Healing over the phone

It is similar with healing in person, with the exception it is done over the phone and there is no physical contact between the receiver and myself. The receiver will be asked to sit or lie comfortable, just relax and be present.

I encourage him/her to give me feedback, so I can follow the flow of energy.
However that is not so important, but it helps.

Contact me for a healing session over the phone.

Healing on line

The receiver and myself meet online via skype and the healing session is similar with the one in person except the energy receiver is communicating with me via computer, without any physical contact.

Contact me for an online healing session.