Feet Chakra Balancers-orgone - set of 2


Feeling ungrounded, unearthed, drained, fatigued, blocked, stuck, cannot sleep, nightmares, restless, cannot function properly?

Detox and heal while you sleep!
Wake up refreshed and have a GREAT night sleep!


...All energy comes from the source and not own being.

Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

Lack of grounding causes adrenalin imbalance, stress, fatigue, insomnia, loose our center, our balance...


See what people have to say about these EXTRAORDINARY healing feet chakra balancers

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8'' each
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Orgone Feet Chakra Balancers are VERY POWERFUL orgone (life energy) tools that were revealed
in a channeled meditation and they are GREAT helpers having own personality.

These are the original feet chakra grounders!!!

They help:

* improve sleeping patterns (Check out many testimonials)

* reduce pain in the body in particular legs

* speed up healing process

* normalizes cortisol,
ground blood

* reduce stress and help get rid of headaches

* grounding during flying, eliminating jet lag

* slow down the ageing process

* increase psychic awareness

* cleanse negative energies, replacing them with loving POWERFUL positive vibrations

* unblock and balance feet chakras, grounding spiritual energies

* release trapped emotions (in layers)

reveal subconscious blocks, releasing them

* detoxify physical and subtle bodies (including karmic debts)

* protect against harmful energies (nightmares and dark entities) that can penetrate ones aura through feet chakras

* increase well-being and balance entire system

* help exercising in particular yoga, increasing breathing

* used as hand chakra activators for increasing energy for healing - amazing tool for healers

* improve hormonal rhythm, reconnecting the body with its natural rhythm

Feet chakras balancers (orgone) keep one grounded and connected to earth,
and create a protective filed around feet that will block the intrusion of unwanted energies (entities)
into ones energy filed. It also seems that once feet energy centers are unblocked,
the root chakra (where kundalini shakti resides) that is associated with abundance, grounding,
instinct, security, manifestation becomes balanced and stable.

The essential oils, gemstones magical elixirs, herbs, gemstones, and charged water chosen for
these balancers hold a very powerful vibration of protection, detoxification, grounding and well being.


during the night:

We strongly suggest to place them in your socks (smaller round part
with the circle of stones - facing the soles of your feet right in the middle) or
just tape them onto your feet while sleeping to keep you grounded.

during the day:

Just simply place them on the floor and place the soles of your feet (middle part of foot)
on top of them them (the circles of stones facing your feet),
allowing the flow of energy to go into the earth where detoxification takes place…

Note any sensations in your body, you might feel a surge of energy drawing through your feet
up to your root chakra.
If you don’t feel anything, no worries, they work vibrational at subtle and subconscious levels.
We strongly suggest to wear them for at least 21 nights continuously for deep cleansing,
grounding, balance sleeping patterns, protection during astral travels and much more...


Usually people that are sensitive/empaths deal with a lot of ungrounding issues and the answer to this is of course earthing.

The flow of energy passes from chakra to chakra and the foot chakra is an important center
because we draw energy from Earth into our chakra system.

Feet chakras are not only the main centers of vitality and grounding they are also centers
of detoxification as energy travels from upper chakras to lower chakras and then down
into the earth where energy is being recycled

An imbalanced (blocked) foot chakra will affect people negatively, will become portals of
psychic attacks, in particular earthbound spirits.

Eastern meditators and yogis spend a lot of time sitting, allowing them a greater connection
with the Earth through their root (base of spine) chakra.

What about westerners?

Unless we meditate a lot or walk barefoot in the nature it’s hard to ground ourselves.
Daily I go to my backyard and spend some time bare foot honoring the Earth and salute the sun.
Feels very good but it seems is not enough…

Read more: here

May your feet be happy, may you be earthed and in high spirits, always!

What people have to say about these amazing little feet chakra balancers -orgone


"The feet chakra balancers are AMAZING!
Thanks to all of the surgeries I have had on my spinal cord,
I get these terrible nerve pains in my numb legs/feet (especially my feet)
and wearing these nightly , has reduced my nerve pains in half!
I have also tried grabbing them during the day when I am experiencing nerve pains,
and putting them onto my feet has stopped the pain dead in its tracks. Seriously.
It?s been a game changer for me at night!
To prevent nerve pains while I sleep, I wear socks with these on my feet and have been sleeping like a baby."
~C A ~


I bought your feet chakra orgone grounders and it has stopped my restless leg syndrome.
Also, yesterday, I accidently touched the metal prongs when plugging in my dvd machine and slightly electrified myself.
I felt so space out for a while until I put on my feet balancers!" ~ Helen T"


I decided to write you now since I have had the FCB (feet chakra balancers) for few weeks.
I use them nitely. I do feel more balanced. Lighter and more energy when I wake up. If I have a bad day..
and use the FCB that same nite.. I can feel Sensations and feelings through out my body.
I know I am being healed. Or balanced.
And my stresses are cleared out. I feel renewed .
I love how Those little guys take care of me like that. Smiles...
Thanks for making such wonderful devices.


"I have worn the FCB everynite since I got them.
It does show great results. I'm full of energy the morning is best part.
I don't have the ummph.. when I climb out of bed. Its great.
I sorta Feel YOUNGER
because of this feeling. Awesome."
~ Linda



"I want first , to thank you for the foot chakra balancers...the cramps in my husbands legs have not occured
since the very first night he wore them, it's been 24 days now
Also, definately sleeping better. You do really make POWERFUL HEALING ORGONE.
~ Carolyn L."


"I wanted to let you know, for the first few weeks of wearing the feet orgone, I slept very well,
my partner was a little unsure, but he is  open to trying new things, one day he was having
horrible headaches he was restless and could not sleep,
I gave him the feet orgone to try and he was amazed, he was trying to understand how it worked,
how it might contribute to healing.
He was impressed and felt relief from it, and it knocked him out,
he slept well and the headache was gone.
~ Dionne W"


"As should be expected, using the feet chakra balancers overnight I woke up
for the first time in awhile (month or less or more) with very
minimal sciatica pains in my rea
Then, taking all my (many) ORGONE pendants (now) in my pocket including the protection
and dragon pendants, halfway through work I started to feel pulsing directly
from within my third eye, which I've never sensed before.
(Normally I, and I'd assume others will occasionally get pulsing at random
places in their body, throughout life.
It's never been directly between/above my eyebrows.
As an aside, prior to really doing any natural paths I'd often take those pulses as irritating,
and alter my body to completely avoid them; so ever since this year I've been letting
them happenin full bloom, hopefully with the better result.)
I hope to be done with detoxing after some time, so to fully benefit from my new painless life.
~ Keith B"


"I am water sign and during full moons I am intensely emotional.
Your Earthing feet chakra balancers helped me stay centered around full moons
where before I could hardly sleep.
Now that I wear these feet grounders I sleep all night long during full moons.

Not only that they really help me release emotional tension stack in my body.

Thank you for creating these amazing gifts."
~ Jessica S.


"So I have now almost completed the 21 nights, and let me tell you,
my sleep has COMPLETELY improved
I have "normal" sleeping patterns now and when I wake up, I feel that I had a full nights rest.  
I cannot thank you enough, I feel that part of me is finally at ease. Thank you for everything!!! ~X.X."


"My purchase of these valuable tools was well-timed.
The FCB's have helped to restore most of my energy and I do not feel so drained and tired as I used to.
They were particularly helpful during this month's menstrual cycle:
all too often I am left drained once it concludes.


"I received my FCB (feet chakra balancers) yesterday and so
I slept with them in my socks and ohmygosh!!!  
I literally felt it within 1 minute, my feet and legs were tingly and everything!  
I fell asleep within 5-10 minutes ((something that never happens without a pill sleeping aid))
and I slept completely through the night waking up around 8:30 ish feeling rested
That NEVER happens!  It was amazingly amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!
~ Ashley "




"I got my package more than a week ago and I have been using the orgone devices since.
The strong cleansing in the foot chakra balancers was amazing,
I've gotten used to it since this week, the first feeling actually spooked me just for it's strength, after I got used to the energy I in just the week or so of use have found I almost never sit down without stick them under my feet.
I'm doing a much better job of staying in my body
and in control when my I'm deep in thought or visualizing.
Mentally I felt better the first day, physically I feel a difference when I use them." X.X.


Feet Chakra Balancers-orgone - set of 2

(including s&h anywhere in the world)


Orgone's (FCB'S) are beautiful and well made. When I held them, I could feel the energy,
was not strong when I held them, but when I went to bed last night, boy was the energy Strong,
I could feel the energy flowing up my body,  to the top of my head. ~ D"


"The Foot Chakra balancers are wonderful, they helped me connect to Mother Earth's
energy so easily as well as plant spirits,
I found communication and a lightness on my heart that was very calming
and brought me to tears
I feel so grounded and centered when sleeping and
don't wake up with that usual drowsy feeling, I also feel refreshed like getting a
good cleaning while I'm sleep
I'm a person who requires quite a lot of protection when sleeping, because
I've got a pension for not being able to conceal my energy on the spiritual realms,
that said, these balancers do just the trick in helping me to level out and stay safe...
more surprises on the way!" xx


"I just received the second pendant, a gift for a friend, and also got the feet chakra balancers. (FCB's).  
I think I'm becoming addicted! When I used the FCBs,
I felt energy run all the way to my knees, strongly, to where I felt I had to shake and move my legs,
sort of like restless legs syndrome :)  
They are very powerful!
Love, love, love the work you're doing! Andrea T"


"I love my chakra+foot orgones, I can sleep NOW - it is so amazing! Anne M"


"Since I was a child I have nightmares as often as once a week.
Since I have been using feet chakra balancers nightmares stopped.
One night something made me take them off and after that I had a nightmare.
Will be wearing them all the time. ~ M"


"The chakra feet balancers have helped me sleep all through the night with no interruptions.
When I put them in my socks, I feel a very slight vibration.
Thank you so much. ~Kelly G."


"I used to have trouble sleeping due to medication I am taking,
I had what I call "white nights", it was so annoying.
Since wearing the feet chakra balancers my sleep has improved a great deal!!!
Thank you so much for offering these amazing night helpers.
Blessings to you" ~ M


"WOW!  Those feet chakra balancers are awesome
When I first got them, the energy level was pretty intense -
in fact they made me a bit queasy when I first handled them.
About 2 hrs later, I was able to handle them for much longer periods and slept with them on that night. 
I did not start noticing anything until about the 3rd night, but my dog sure did like them from the beginning. 

She nestles down in my bed to sleep the day away when I go to work
and I leave the balancers strategically placed around the edges of the bed -
when I come back they are always moved to the area where she has been sleeping. 
So, on your website I was reading about a fellow named George who said he used them for yoga. 
Greater rhythm, greater breath capacity, more ability to stretch -
I feel kind of euphoric after yoga now when using these balancers.

I am also able to go to a deeper spot when I meditate. 
I have just been meditating since the beginning of the year.
 I have been sleeping much better also lately and really hate to have them off my person. 
Nice job on these!!! Thanks so much, Rosemary S"


"I love people's reaction when I let them wear the feet chakra balancers
here to relax for a reiki/healing session, it gets them started into the power stuff!!
so they wear the feet chakra balancers and I put the orgone & set of 7 chakra balancers
and they go into a deep relaxation when I do a healing they sleep and
wake up totally refreshed, its so great I do less work too, because its not such a load on me. X X"


"The chakra feet balancers are very good, they do keep you free from negativity...
good for empaths as well, legs feel more relaxed and ligther when sleeping with them ...
haven´t had nightmares since I use them. Barbara, Victoria Australia."


"I never thanked you for the Foot Chakra Balancers! I've been using them for a few days now and WOW.
My feet feel sensitive every morning after wearing them and I'm sleeping wonderfully.
You can really feel the vibrations when you're relaxed it's awesome. Great work! ~ Justin


"I love my new orgone friends. 
I felt the heat on my feet the first night I put them (feet chakra balancers - orgone) on and
I've been sleeping very good for a solid week now. 
Also I feel really good about being protected with the PROTECTION pendant as well. 
Thanks alot for your great expertise. Love, John"


"Something funny :) is happening-while wearing the FCB (feet chakra balancers) in socks at night,
all of a sudden my husband-who is the WORST sleeper in the world-is sleeping like a baby. 
I have to WAKE him. I presume it is the FCB?
And that even though he isn't wearing them they are close enough to him to benefit his sleep? This is awesome."~ LL


"Since using the foot chakra set and having the pendant (orgone),
I feel more protected and in the "light" during my waking hours, more aware, more concentrated,
I can feel it if interference or outside negativity comes,
I can reaffirm the life force and have less disturbances in my aura. It's great ~ M"


"My legs are so much better. After my 21 days of happy feet therapy,
I was out walking for hours a couple of weeks ago for the first time in
I don't know how long and my legs couldn't stop moving.
Don't even remember the last time I felt like that.
 I love it.
I even got a healthy exercise without the strange pains I used to have.

I will continue to use them as soon I can get my hands on them." ~ Angelica


Hello, I have experienced wonderful benefits with my feet chakra balancers.
I place one in each sock right before bed. I sleep so much better with them.
Recently, I misplaced one of the balancers in my home. I looked everywhere for it.
I expected it would turn up at some point. It's been over a month now and
I have not slept the same since. Thank you for your wonderful products. Jeff"


"I have been wearing the happy feet balancers every night since I received them.
I could feel right away they were powerful little fellows.
At first I wore them a couple of hours during the day when I got them and
they totally knocked me out. I was sleeping for hours the next day.
Served me right as they are nightworkers... but I am a curious kitten.
There were also something interesting that happened in the beginning.
As I had them in my hands I could see a flickering light enter
through the window for a second.
Even my dog reacted at the same time, looked at the same direction and started to bark.

My legs don't hurt as much when I walk.

They feel much better. Before I got the happy feet balancers my legs were in a bad shape.
50% of the pain is gone, or more.

Last night I actually forgot to wear them for the first time.
Of course then it was a night of disturbance.
As I remembered them early in the morning I put them on and a couple of hours later
I felt a pain in my right foot as if something were dragged out.
I could also sense it in the right kidney.
I will continue to wear them the 21 days and then my fiancee want to try them for 21 days.
Thank you so much again for sending them. I love them. Take good care and blessings to you.
~Love from Angelica


"I’m enjoying my feet chakra balancers for a month now.
They are really amazing! I saw incredible results on my skin.
My face is brighter and the circles around my eyes have disappeared." ~ A"


Those orgones pack a serious root-down punch!
I did as you suggested and placed them under my feet for about twenty minutes,
but first I held them in my hands and noticed some mid-level temperature shifts
and a comforting sense of being pulled in the 'right' direction.
Root down! When I closed my eyes, while they were under the soles of my feet,
I got an interesting visual of the gemstones swirling within the the orgone. :)
I had so much fun with that! XX"


"I want to let you know that every night I put the happy feet orgones on,
I basically turn on the electricity, that’s how powerful they are
At some point I felt a third eye pull.
I believe my third eye got opened cause I started to remember dreams, suddenly.
They are real a$$ kickers. ~ Connie"


"Thank you for sending the feet chakra balancers out so quickly!
While I didn't receive an immediate and strong chakra whirl like
I did when I opened the package holding the heart chakra pendant,
I did pick up on their personality--they are beautiful, grounded in who and
what they are and give off the sense that they are powerful workers!
The first night, I simply placed them under my feet for about twenty minutes while I read and meditated.
It wasn't a particularly focused meditation, but I received a beautiful vision
of the gemstones swirling within the orgone.
The next morning, I was amazed by my bowel movement!
It was similar to experiences I've had with strong cleanses.
I felt an increase in energy and joy."

"I've slept with them in my socks for two night now and will do so for the next 21 days, as you suggested.
The biggest shift I've noticed in this short time,
is the response I'm getting from people I interact with
They look at me like I just fell off a shooting star. I love that! Being me is becoming a much richer
and more well rounded experience.
Much love and many bright blessings" X.X.


"I got the ORGONE package oh I love them.
My husband was so sick so I put them in some socks and sent him to bed
with some elixirs and he was feeling much better after a few hours rest,
he likes them alot, very powerful!
I could feel the energy build up in my hands more
and more as I held them and then it went up my arm and heart
then up to the crown and hands - everything vibrating.
It was great I knew that was the feeling before I got them
thats why I was so anxious to get them what a life saver these little art discs are,
and so small how did you manage to get them so neat,
even the water and the matrix is so clear even though its small WOW is all I can say.
I am amazed how much more power the orgone has period
! X X "


"I usually rub my hands together to activate my hand chakras but
when I hold the feet balancers it seems to activate my hands chakras
(much better than rubbing) and thats totally awesome for healers!
Not only activate them but is grounding so it is like preparation for giving healing!
So although they are sold as feet chakra balancers they are also hand chakra balancers activators!"


"It seems holding them in left and right hand they work together and much better than one.
Same as with on your feet! If you look at a diagram of the acupressure points
our hands (corresponding with the organs of the body) they are also on the bottoms of our feet.
So I think these feet chakra balancers somehow work with these to enhance our overall health!
Definitely something going on when I hold them!"


"Our nanny is not in the best of health but last night (12:30AM)
she was humming around literally filled with energy
and thinking about cleaning.
She will not use your pieces (fet chakra balancers) when its time for bed,
otherwise she can't get to bed!!! :>

I am going to buy the soft fabric that athletes use to wrap their legs and wrap
your feet chakra balancer with.
It would be useful to try that and spread the information.
Not everyone may think of it (unless they are an athlete or ex-athlete).
If you dont have long socks (or are worried about FCBs falling out on your long hikes or runs)
you can use a foam pre-wrap which is very soft and cheap and comfortable! 
Then wrap once or twice with althetic tape so it definitely wont come off during exercise!
And no one would notice or question. This doesnt take long and is a nice comfy feeling
(and dont have to worry at all about FCBs falling out!)


"Hi, Interesting thing happened when i first opened it up.
I put one in my hand and my hand had pulsing feeling to it. I removed it and it went away.
Put it back in my hand and my hand was pulsing again. Crazy!
While doing homework i put my feet on them and i noticed that the top
part of my feet became red a little discomfort was felt as well; most likely a detox affect.
I also wore them last night...and woke up with some red spots on my body( like acne; my body is normally clear of acne).
I'm not feeling the light feeling that you talk about but I certainly believe it is detoxing me.
Overall, I'm very pleased with them. Drew


"I was using your happy feet chakra balancers and this is what happened
In the beginning I felt a tingle sensation right at the bottom of my feet
and started moving its way up my legs slowly.
Past twenty minutes of using those products the tingly sensations didn’t pass my knees that tells me that I have a lot of toxins in my feet -so they are working up very slow cause I have never felt like this in my life.
The energy is flowing from one foot to the other, it seems like a balance between feet is taking place.
On the left foot there was some pain at the beginning and then energy started making its way up my leg like my right leg, so it felt like the energy stayed longer on the bottom of left foot I guess it needed more attention there.
The energy was at the back of my legs and slowly moved up passing the knees.
There were mixed sensations: relaxation alternating with strong energy tingling in my feet
and then went into my toes.
I will use them at night in my socks while asleep for a few days and will let you know what will happen.
I have never felt anything stronger then this from other products
and I was not even concentrating, while I was using them I was watching a movie!!!
Thank you!

After few more days. I wore them inside my socks during the night, at the beginning there is a
tingly sensation and then I feel asleep.
All I can say after few nights of wearing them that the next morning
I am so light that I feel like I can fly! " Art ~ Las Vegas


Feet Chakra Balancers-orgone - set of 2

(including s&h anywhere in the world)


"Earthing connects us to Nature and Nature is the ultimate source of health and healing.
~ John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus


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