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Radiation Deflector Orgone Cone

Protect yourself from Radiation, X-rays, irradiated food.

This Radiation deflector orgone cone help protect you from the effects of harmful radiations, including nuclear radiation, high frequencies antennas (cell phone towers), infrared, microwaves or any electromagnetic pollution.

Place the Radiation Deflector Orgone Cone by the bed or under the bed, in your car, on your desk, or where your intuition guides you to neutralize radiation and EMF pollution.

See our Grid your property Orgone set
for protecting your space.

Approx dimensions: diameter 4''


Radiation deflector orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

protect against harmful electromagnetic fields
neutralize electromagnetic radiation created by computers or other radio frequencies and ELF frequencies
* clear environmental pollution
* protect from other people negativities

* strengthen and align all chakras and meridians
* restructure DNA
* remove energy blockages
* ground and integrate spiritual energies
boost immune system

The essential oils, magickal gemstones elixirs, herbs chosen for this cone help deflect radiation.
The gemstones selected for this cone will help absorb radiation and protect you against Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic fields.
The Solffegio frequencies infused in this cone help dissolve negative blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to the flow of positive vibrations.
The water used for the orgone cone is strongly charged, holding the charge of the orgone pendant.

Protection affirmations:

I live in a protected and safe environment. God protects me every day, in every way.
I feel safe and protected. I am divinely protected and guided. I am in control at all times. I am in perfect health, harmony and peace. I am safe everywhere I go.

May the radiation deflector orgone pendant create an electromagnetic free field around you.


Radiation Deflector Orgone ConE -- SOLD OUT ~ See our Grid your property Orgone set for protecting your space.


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