Sand Dollar ~ 5 pointed Star ~ New Activation ~ New Light Code ~ Ascension Insight ~

Sand Dollar Totem and the 5 Pointed Star ~ New Codes ~ Energies


This is powerful information as we move into new territories, so take your time,
take a deep breath and tap into this NEW light code we suppose to work with during these challenging yet amazing times!

Although the entire world looks like is unstable, New Energies are coming to Earth to activate and ground our Spiritual Essence into our new light physical body.

Sacred Ancient Geometry is being rediscovered and seeing with the set of new eyes.

Sacred geometry allows us to access the mysteries of the Universe and sacred knowledge from ancestors which are stored in the cellular memory.

Number 5

I LOVE going on Sacred Journeys as I get activated to new levels of consciousness which allows me to share and spread Love, Insight and Light.

During our sacred journey through Thailand and Cambodia, Spirit showed me number 5 everywhere on many occasions: - from room numbers, plain tickets numbers, to the 5 star symbol on the sand dollar.

In numerology 5 is the number of growth, progress, transformation and change.

Without change there is stagnation.

While on the journey, during a powerful meditation that I love so much, I was guided to walk on the beach and look for the ocean’s stars. So I did!

I suddenly heard clairaudiently: “We are the children of the oceans stars and came to assist with Spiritual Awakening.”
As I looked down I saw sand dollar shells everywhere. It was fascinating and my heart expanded with joy! I felt like a little kid playing with her toys!


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Then I received a strong message to create the Star Orgone Pendant, which is
a great spiritual tool in assisting to ground Spiritual Energies into our consciousness
and activate our gifts by activating new codes of light.

5 Pointed Star ~ Sand Dollar Animal Power/Totem

Sand Dollar is a powerful reminder of Earth’s Beginning.

Our Beloved Mother Earth is going through a massive transformation and the sand dollar
like other fossils (ie. Nautilus) hold wisdom and information regarding the necessary
changes we have to make in order to move with grace into a new dimension.

Fragility and Strength

If you ever held a sand dollar in your hand you probably noticed how fragile it is,
yet it holds strong vibrations.

The sand dollar is designed to survive storms.
It teaches us to be gentle in our approach in life, regardless of environmental conditions.
It teaches us to go with the flow and be flexible in our thinking and work on changing the
belief systems that are detrimental, replacing them by new healthy belief systems
without blaming ourselves or others.

When we have faith we connect with the strength within and anything is possible.

5 Pointed Star: ~ Psychic Awareness, Healing, Grounding

The sand dollar structure is based on 5 pointed star sacred geometry.

If you look closely to a sand dollar, you can see a star pattern spreading out
from the center where the mouth is.
The mouth of the sand dollar symbolizes the heart center which is the bridge between Spirit and Humanity.

The 5 elements or 5 points of the star are connected through the heart.

5 pointed star , has become an icon of the human microcosm.
It grounds Spiritual Energies into our physicality.

The 5 pointed star resembles the human being with the top point of the star located
in the middle of brain (pituitary/pineal glands/thalamus), two more points in the palms (hand chakras)
and two in the middle of the feet (feet/grounding chakras).

The hand chakras are considered minor, yet they are extremely important as they are considered healing centers.

When we tune into these chakras we feel a current or heat building up.
This is healing energy/life force we all have and we can use to heal ourselves
or send healing to someone in need.

The sand dollar reminds us that we are all healers and we can heal ourselves and the world.
It reminds us to have faith and work with this mantra: “I am healed, I can heal.
I am in perfect health, harmony and peace.”

If you want to go deeper into opening the 5 pointed star spiritual gift, check the
5 pointed star Meditation/Activation which activates the 5 points including the
head point (trinity in the middle of brain) where we receive information. ~Powerful Stuff.

When the 5 pointed star symbol has been invoked, it offers protection, strength and high connection with Spirit.

It creates an energy spiritual field where psychic information can be accessed.
Manifestation is amplified when this symbol is being invoked.
It has been said that everything becomes amplified including manifesting powers when this
area of 5 pointed star is invoked.

How to invoke the 5 pointed star symbol?

By bringing awareness/attention to it, focus on and visualize the 5 star points.

Supernatural Healing Powers

Sand dollar like any other fossil is considered to have supernatural healing powers and medicinal uses.
The wisdom of healing is encapsulated in the structure of the fossil.
Fossils are great healers and reveal to us deep insight in order to heal any issues we might have.

They take us back in time when Earth was going through similar transformations.
They hold information on our DNA, ancestral insight regarding healing and spiritual teachings.

Ancient Knowledge

In some culture the sand dollar represents coins lost by mermaids or lost civilization of Atlantis.

They are now surfacing to our awareness to bring knowledge and wisdom of lost civilizations
to help us with our spiritual evolution.

Connection to the Stars

We are microcosmic stars which are part of the macrocosmic stars.
When we Awaken the STAR within, we awaken the consciousness.

The star symbol activates the sacred geometry of the star within and that connects us
to “the Stars” which are our distant cousins. We are descendants of the stars.

The only thing that can be perceived as separation is time.
But as we grow and have a deeper understanding about time, we can detach
from time space and can tap into the ancestors’ wisdom.

Although we think that stars are only in the sky, there are other dimension stars, like for example the ocean’s stars.


The 5 pointed star represents the 5 elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Spirit.
The star invokes the forces of the 5 elements.

It is crucial during these times to go back to the roots and work with the 4 ancient elements.

Spirit urges us to balance the elements so we can always be protected, safe, in harmony and peace.
A bubble of protection if formed around our energy body when the star symbol is invoked.


Sacred Geometry, “the architecture of the Universe” is all around us in the Nature.

It has been present before our time, before religions have formed.

There are some misconceptions about the sacred geometry of the 5 pointed star (pentagram).

That doesn’t make the 5 pointed star a bad symbol, like some will say.

Energy is Energy and Sacred Geometry contains amplified energy.
It all depends on the intention and meaning given to symbolism.
If you believe is bad, then it might come from ignorance, misunderstanding, fear or simply mental programming.
If you believe is good then it might come from a positive believe system that is based on healing, harmony and peace.

Old systems based on fear are crumbling as the Universe was designed that the GOOD will always prevail,
no matter how hard and challenging the process of life is.
There is good and evil and we become masters when we know how to handle both.

Heart chakra (anahata)

The power of the heart chakra is a powerful tool beyond our imagination, and we don’t use it enough.
The heart frequency is growing from the center of your heart and radiate around you, forming a circle of protection.

Ask the Spirit of the Sand Dollar to assist you when:

you need protection
you need strength
need flexibility in your thinking to ease up symptoms of Spiritual Awakening
need to make decisions
need healing and grounding
need psychic insight
need to change or shift perception
need to let go of things which are not serving you

If you believe this article helped you, it will probably help others you care about.
Please share. Leave a comment.

This 5 pointed star and sand dollar is believed to serve as a good omen.

Lilly Natures Blessings

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