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A sound healing immersion of ancient healing vibrations of singing balls, percussion, native drums, voice, chanting and dance medicine to open up your psychic channels and attune yourself with high vibrational energies of the Cosmos. The entire session is a blend of shamanic journey with angelic guidance via sound and energetic transmission of two powerful psychic spiritual healers: Angelica Perman and Lilly Natures Blessings.



We are very happy and excited to announce our sacred and magical journeys of awakening, healing, reclaimimg inner powers to extremelly powerful spots on Earth!


Peru Sacred Journey ~ Machu Picchu and sacred medicine plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat:

Come experience the vibrations of Apus (sacred mountains) in Peru,  some of the most powerful spots on Earth and connect with the spirit of the hummingbird -- which is associated with the heart center, bring joy and happiness with superpowers to heal.

A P O W E R F U L spiritual health investement worth TEN fold. You will release negative emotional trauma in a unique way!

The days will be filled with wholistic yoga, powerful meditations, healing and psychic development techniques, delicious organic vegetarian food made with love, medicine plant ceremonies guided by inspiring and powerful shamans (Ayahuasca-- mother teacher -- the Channel to the Invisible World and san pedro visionary plant)  trekking sacred places including the amazing, the magnificent, the majestic Machu Picchu!!!



What people have to say about the Powerful Sacred Journey in Peru

"Dear Lilly,
I  felt drawn to Peru.  All my dreams and visions about this place finally came true. The retreat is breathtaking. You can surrender your soul to this perfect decor of hummingbirds, orange delicate flowers, falling waterfall and the spirit of the mountains guarding this spiritual land.
You can sense Lady's K presence all around. She put so much work and energy into this  retreat, that is impossible not to feel her guarding it.  Thank you Lady K. for your visions, for your care and understanding of our deep connections with the Mother Earth.
My experience with the "vine of soul" (ayahuasca) was very subtle. I actually enjoy the taste . A little bitter, but smooth. My visions were bright and clear. The shamans songs were helping us to integrate the powerful healing and wisdom of the medicine. Their love and care made it easier to understand the process of awakening of my subconscious mind.
The Sand Pedro experience was fun. Lots of hiking, beautiful landscaping . The medicine was very gentle with me. My sense of smell , my vision, my hearing  and my awareness  increased 10 times. I could listen to the tranquility of the Eucalyptus forest, I could see a little bee from the distance and feel like we bond with each other. Again, the shamans work was very profunde.
Creative flow and awareness has been moving me since returning home. I am in deep gratitude and awe for my journey. Thank you Lilly, thank  Lady K, thank you to the shamans, thank you to the Spirit of Apu, thank you Mother Earth.
I wish I can do this journey at least once a year. I believe every  time you experience  the medicine you go deeper and deeper into your soul, you have more understanding for yourself and others.
I am very grateful that my health problem went away, thanks to the shamans advise to take maca root , organic powder, full of minerals .
My health improved, my relationship as well. I listen now to my intuition, I listen to the natural flow of life. I am guided by the inner energy I feel every day I woke up, and I can't wait to fulfill more of my dreams. 
Love and blessings,
Mara. "



Philippines Magic Journey ~ Yoga and scuba diving Retreat Dates: TBD  
Experience a deeper connection with the spirit of water ~undines~ and Mother Nature.  
A magical, unique experience on Mindoro Island in the Philippines!!!

Our days will be filled with:

* powerful yoga classes to open your heart to Love
* breathing techniques, visualizations, meditations
* techniques to develop your psychic abilities and awaken universal force within (kundalini)
* connection with water spirits through daily scuba diving at one of the most beautiful and powerful sites on Earth, with more varieties of marine life than the Red Sea and more varieties of corals than the Great Barrier Reef,
* singing, dancing, feeling good,





Upcoming Retreats and Workshops coming soon...

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