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Astral Travel Orgone Pendant


Astral Travel -- Projection --Transcending the 3rd Dimmension -- experience Unity with Divinity

During Astral travel we can transport our consciousness to other locations, without taking our physical bodies there, because our consciousness exists separately from the physical body.

Benefits of astral projections include decreasing fear of the unknown or death, so we could open and embrace the 'unknowns' in our lives without fear.

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''


Astral travel orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* go beyond limits to other planes of existence, facilitating safe astral travel
* awaken and accelerate spiritual and psychological growth
* stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination, vision
* enhance telepathic communication
* help manifestation
increased self-confidence and overall well-being
* access pre-determined sites and
contact departed loved ones
* assist in dream recall
* accelerate the transfer of knowledge
from spiritual beings, guides...
* have a better attitude and appreciation for life

The combination of gemstones and crystals are high quality stones which help one reach into the spiritual realms beyond words.

The Solffegio frequencies including 528 - Love frequency, infused in this pendant help dissolve psychic blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to receive healing and well being.
The water used for the pendant is a combination of strongly charged and holy blessed waters gathered from around the world keeping the frequencies of pendant active always.

Place your astral travel orgone pendant under your pillow during sleep to induce safe astral travels.


What People Say about Astral Travel Orgone Pendant

"Hi, I purchased an Astral Travel Orgone pendant a while back. First, it works now I have a wall 'Clock' in my house! And now that it does work, it protects me against psychic attacks from extremely negative people which, unfortunately, I have always attracted in my life in ABUNDANCE because I have a very big heart. I put it under my pillow at night and I don't remember any 'Astral Travels' but do notice that the day now, unfolds the way I want it to as opposed to being 'Chaotic'!" ~ G. N.


"Dear Lilly!
My appartement has no more Evil Spirits, Dark Entities or Bad Energy it is already starting to clear!!! I have suffered a LOT and am just glad to see a new light coming around. You are obviously extremely gifted and want to say a big THANK YOU! God Bless you Lilly! XX"


Astral travel orgone pendant meditation:

Lay down placing your astral pendant on your third eye (between eyebrows) or over your heart center. If you have the astral travel gem elixirs, place a drop over your third eye, throat center and each wrist before laying down. Play meditative music and make sure you will not be disturbed, as a deep level of relaxation is required.

You might experience strange sensations: elongating or rotating of the body, tingling, vibrating etc.. don't let these sensations distract you, just be, enjoy the experience, let it be a spiritual travel. At some point it is possible to fall asleep. With experience and practice you will manage to stay just awake. In this state, images will flow freely through your mind's eye. You can then project into, follow these images at will and travel to places you want.

Wear the pendant anytime you want to get insight or see into other dimensions. It is a a great tool for psychics, energy healers, seers, visionaries or people that want to develop astral projection.

Astral travel (projection) affirmations:

"I can astral travel (project) easily."

"I am very gifted spiritually and I am having a very safe and pleasant astral travel".

Also use your own words that resonate with you.

Recite your affirmations 3 times as the number is very powerful.



Safe and blessed astral travels!


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