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Chakra System Orgone Pendant


Chakras ~ Psychic Centers that transform mental energy into spiritual energy

The seven major chakras have a deep influence on physical and mental well being.
They are centers of great power.

Chakras draw in vital life-force energy (also called Chi, Ki, Orgone or Prana)
from the Universe and distribute it to the body organs and glands via
bloodstream and nervous system for general well being and optimum health.

The chakras are interrelated, they affect one another.

Getting stuck in one chakra leads to energy collapse.
Deep understanding of the chakras leads to awareness of deep states of consciousness.

When chakras are balanced, cleansed and energy flows correctly, a certain frequency will develop and will open up new paths towards spiritual growth, higher dimensions and psychic abilities.

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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Energy blockages are the main culprits for mental, physical, emotional problems.

Energy blocks:

-blocking unpleasant experiences from the past, childhood, even past lives

-unreleased emotions from the past, childhood or past lives: anger, fear, negative thoughts, guilt

-lack of love and support from parents

-ignoring body's needs

-no humor, taking oneself too seriously

-egotistical or weak ego, etc

-implanted and/or corded chakras

When someone blocks an experience, he/she will block a chakra or more and the chakra(s) will become torn, blocked, spinning wrongly or irregularly, clogged or become distorted.

Read more about chakras' blockages here

Chakra system orgone pendant is a high vibrational, high quality spiritual jewelry designed to help:

* align, activate and clear chakras to the flow of love

* restore the energy balance,
clearing and strengthening the auric field

balance the subtle bodies and nervous system

* heal holes and energy cysts

* enhance the connection with the divine, universal source, higher self

* transmute lower energies into higher vibrations

* uplift, bring joy, positive thoughts and well being

* enhance meditation


The high vibrational energy transmission (blessings), essential oils, sacred herbs and resins,
high vibrational gemstones and crystals, sound frequencies and powerful charged water
(from different shrines of the world) chosen for chakra system orgone pendant have a powerful
resonance with the frequency of the entire chakra system.

Chakra System Affirmations:

I am safe and protected.
I allow only good coming my way.
I trust myself and the universal source.
The Universe is a safe and loving place to be.
I trust that the universe, is working with me and for me.

What People have to say about chakra system orgone pendant


"I wear the chakra balancing orgone pendant daily, and have noticed it not only catches the eye of those I pass by
but makes me feel radiant and balanced similar to the way I feel after a daily yoga session.


"The Chakra System Orgone Pendant has been helpful so far.
Just wearing it I can already feel a difference in my first and second chakras like they are not still having
the kind of trouble that nearly shut down both, I felt heat in my 3rd and 4th chakra the moment I picked up.
I can still physically feel doing something to alter them every so often. X.X."


"Hello I have a Question I am wearing a orgone from a another maker , but I don't feel that it working.
I use it to activated my chakras but nothing happens I have it a long time.
I had bought from you an orgone (chakra system orgone pendant) and gave it to a friend and she feels it working directly within 30 minutes.
And do not put I off she said, its unbelievable so quick that's it's working.
Never had it belief that so quick.
She has more energy and feels more and sleep better less tired.
She is very happy with the orgone. So do you have a orgone what can activates my chakras? Greetings Roald"


"As I put this pendant on, I felt the chaotic energy around me transforming into very peaceful and calming energy
and felt a lot of energy in my solar plexus, like powerhouse energy operating there...
It is very interesting what happened, as lately I am dealing with a lot of solar plexus energy imbalance.
Next the energy of the pendant moved up to my heart chakra and felt A LOT, I mean A LOT of activity going on there,
a lot of opening and feeling so peaceful, then energy moved to others chakras...
WOW! This orgone pendant is the most powerful so far." ~ Surryia E.


"I see rainbows everywhere from this orgone pendant -
I really like it a lot!
" XX


"I believe that each of the orgone pendants has it's own unique energy and has an activating, clearing power
when placed on various chakras. Thank you again, M. S. "


"I am so amazed at how good I feel wearing the (chakra system orgone) pendant" ~ Laurie L"


"The chakra system pendant came today, it's so beautiful and powerful I love it!
I already feel connected to it, I keep seeing planets in space when I close my eyes
and like the solar plane it connects you with the celestial world for sure... " X X


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Chakra System Orgone Pendant


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