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Clairaudience Gem Elixir


Clairaudience ~ The world of the inner sound

Psychic hearing also called Clairaudience is the extrasensory channel that can also be identified with mental telepathy ( reading someone else's thoughts or mind).


The Clairaudience Gem Elixir is a combination of gems and crystals high vibrational divine essence created on a Powerful New Moon.

Clairaudience Gem Elixir
Approx : 1 oz


Using this elixirs, energies are transferred from physical levels to higher vibrational levels to help to:

* strengthen trust in clairaudient phenomena and open the clairaudience psychic reception area at will
* perceive various psychic echoes from the universe
* receive psychic echo response about yourself or situations in your life after asking questions
* receive higher vibrational positive and healing messages
* receive your own personal mantra for harmony in your life
* receive messages from angelic realms, guides, helpers,
* bring various levels of higher vibrational energy more consciously into ones awareness of subtle sound
* improve other psychic strengths because all psychic senses use similar Para-brain centers
* improve musical capabilities to attune to energies of a higher vibration

How to use the Clairaudience Gem Elixir:
Rub gently few drops on the clairaudient (hearing) reception area which is located on either side of the head above ear level.
Also place a drop or two at the base of your throat, rubbing gently.

Close your eyes take few deep gentle breaths and shift your awareness on the hearing reception area (above ears!). Gently shift your awareness to different parts of your head and come back to the hearing reception area. Alternate the level of focus few more times and then let go. Do this few times a week without forcing, the key is to be relaxed and allowed the energies of the elixir to open the hearing psychcic areas gently.

This will give you the benefit of opening the (psychic hearing) clairaudient reception area at will in order to solve "problems".

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