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Sacral (2nd) Chakra Orgone Pendant


Sacral/Navel chakra ~"Dwelling Place of the Self"

Swadhisthana (sanskrit name) - located 2 inches below the navel) which is the center of gravity is the reservoir of life force (prana, chi, orgone), representing movement, detoxification and cleansing.

The element of this chakra is water - "the essence of life".

This chakra is associated with the ability to create and nurture, fertility, family, need for love, emotions, sexuality, developing own personality, individuality.

This chakra can be also locked by fear in particular fear of death. Negative emotion for this chakra is "ignorance", "lack of passion".

Imbalances or weaknesses in the sacral chakra can lead to frustration and bitterness and are often associated with fixations on things hard to be admitted and feelings of extreme empathy, which can cause one to be ruled by the emotions of others. Also disturbances in this chakra can cause sexual problems. You have problems to see yourself as "sexy". You keep attracting the wrong partners in your life that are incompatible for you, wondering if you’ll ever find “the one”.

When second chakra is balanced, it works in syncronicity with other chakras, attaining balance between world within and world without. It becomes a source of self-knowledge and understanding, being able to enjoy life fully, seeing sex in a positive light, in a more sacred and spiritual way, attracting "the right" partener.

Approximative dimensions:: diameter 1 7/8''
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chakra Orgone pendant is a powerful energy booster which is designed to help:

* enhance creativity, elevating self to refined arts

* bring clarity of intention

* promote feminine characteristics

* stimulate sensitivity and love, become free of lust, jealousy or anger

* bring inner harmony

* increase pure relationships with self and others

* increase vitality, keeping energy moving

* protects auric field, facing fears

* energize and invigorates

* increase personal magnetism

* restore sexual functioning, improve sex life

* encourage self-esteem, happiness, courage, appreciation of nature

* promote good digestion


The essential oils, herbs, high vibrational gemstones and crystals, sound frequencies,
prayers and blessings, energy healing vibes and powerful charged holy water chosen
for the sacral chakra orgone pendant have a powerful resonance with the frequency of the sacral center.

Sacral chakra affirmations:

I am happy in my body.
I am creative and creativity flows through me.
I express my sexuality freely.
I release all blame and guilt.

What people have to say about Sacral (2nd) Chakra Orgone Pendant

"The 2nd chakra pendent has been helpful in relieving a lot of pain from misaligned hips. ~ E. P.


"The moment I put the pendant on I felt a shift in my energy…
I meditated with it and started to feel energy moving in front of me, around me like waves and spirals…
Then a big wave of energy opening my second chakra: cold and warm sensations in my body and spine,
even my throat center started to became more active.
I realized how unaware of sensing energy I was until I actually put the pendant on!
Amazing really! First time in a log time I actually feel my second chakra!!
I am impressed! Even my heart started to tingle, in fact my whole body was energized…Immediate boost!” L. L.


"WOW!!! You are so right when you say your orgone is so powerful.
I had imbalances in my sexual chakra and wanted to try your sacral chakra orgone pendant. It works!!!
My second chakra opened miraculously, really, was a big surprise as I didn't expected it!!!
My libido increased sucessfuly and now my husband is very very happy, he is in fact very grateful to you (smiles)!
You can use this testimonial but please don't mention my name. :-)"

Sacral (2nd) Chakra Orgone Pendant

(including s&h anywhere in the world)


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