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The Science Behind Orgone Pendants ( Life Force Generators)



"Thanks Lilly... If you could briefly explain the theory you used in creating or selecting my Unique Healing Pendant (like birthdate, etc) that would be interesting. Mike"


Dear Mike,
Glad you have asked and want to know about the “science” behind my orgone pedants

Orgone (prana, chi . ki, etc) is life force. The metal/resin combo also called orgonite, radiates life force, creates an orgone (prana) energy field.

The creation of these orgone generators is an entire high vibrational ritual.

Choosing high quality stones, numerology, design (sacred geometry), herbs, resins, essential oils and different elixirs is basically the key to the uniqueness of Natures Blessings orgone pendants, and of course adding some other" secret“ ingredients” that really enhance the properties and make the orgone generator powerful.  The stones and crystals are infused with the vibration of solffegio frequencies for each chakra, emphasizing the heart center (the seat of individual consciousness) with 528 HZ solffegio frequencies.   


A sacred space using different ancient techniques is created, then a meditative state is achieved thru different meditations, chanting, playing high vibrations sounds and praying for the whole duration of making your pendant.  Your higher self is invoked as well as angels, high vibrational helpers and spiritual guides.

Healing energies happen outside of our concept of space and time. The pendant/orgone creation is infused with healing energies while it is curing and remains in this state. The space remained sacred until the pendant/orgone generator is cured. Few days after is cured, the pendant is blessed for the last time and prayed over and then sent to you.

People resonate with different stones and crystals. The selections of stones and crystals are chosen for different health conditions, personality type, life path number and zodiac signs based on ancient principles as well as problems associated with the sign and life path number.  I usually consult my spiritual guidance, psychic insight as well my gem and crystal books. 

For example in your case emerald is one of the stones that resonate with your zodiacal sign and in numerology your life path. It also brings harmony in all areas of life and eliminates any form of negativity.  It is also a great stone to use for muscular system and sooths the eyes as you mentioned “lazy eye muscle”.

Malachite also resonates with your sign; it helps you through times of change and is good for blood pressure issues.  It also facilitates spiritual growth, enhancing psychic abilities, cleanses the cellular structure, and enhances the immune system.
Your sign rules the throat. Aquamarine stone helps opening the throat center.  Celestite is a great healing stone and a gem elixir made on a full moon was chosen to help in balancing your chakras in particular your throat center and help with healing the eyes and ears.  It also access information from the angelic realms.
There were other stones chosen, if you want me to give you the list of those stones I am happy to send it to you.

A lot of people feel the high vibrations of their pendant during its creation. This is because of the power of the sacred environment created and people's subtle ability to connect to their pendant during its conception. It continue to amaze me how the energy of these magical orgone creations work remotely.

May the orgone pendant assist you on your journey, help in all levels of healing and serve you well.  


ॐ Lilly ॐ


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