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Emotional Healing


Emotional trauma can keep one in circles of pain, suffering and confusion.  Once the emotional trauma has been understood and healed the new being is being birthed to develop a new healthy life.

A basic general session is strongly recommended before asking for a special condition healing.

Sometimes an emotional problem is caused by a blockage in one or more of the chakras or because of debris in ones energy field. The energy has to flow freely, so the aura needs to be cleared from debris and toxins and chakras need to be balanced.

After the basic general session is done, the work on emotional problem is done by replacing the destructive programming in ones subconscious or conscious level with high quality thoughts and feelings.

Emotional healing works for all kinds of trauma coming from past lives or childhood, for addictions, stress, obsessions, depression, negative thoughts, anxiety, hatred, low self esteem.

The one who receives the emotional healing needs to agree which destructive programming will be replaced with high quality thoughts in order to regain his/her balance at emotional level.


The energy receiver has to accept this healing energy from the Source in order to get healed.
If the energy is not accepted it will travel somewhere else in the Universe, it is never wasted.
The energy is never harmful as long as love is involved.

Love does miracles!


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