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Psychic Spiritual Energy Healing Services

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Illness occur when the life force is interrupted or altered due to negative emotions, stress, accidents, pollutants, poor nutrition and so on. When the healer holds this vibratory field and directs the energy to the one in need, he acts as a conductor for this healing energy.
Healing cannot be forced, it has to flow freely and be accepted. Healing takes place when body is totally relaxed and stress free.

Healing energies happen outside of our concept of space and time. They can travel to someone at any distance instantaneously, that's where the name distant healing or remote healing come from. Sometimes these energies will react instantaneously inducing an instant healing, sometimes they are directed at subtle levels inducing slow healing.


* Psychic Spiritual Healing Services provided are over the phone or online.
general healing

specific conditions healing

emotional healing

removing psychic hooks, cords, entities, earthbound spirits (ghosts), negative patterns and implants

spiritual intuitive counseling

Learn more about what People have to say about Lilly's Healing Touch here

In preparation for the healing session please read the following guidelines

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

All appointments are scheduled for Pacific Time.




General healing session/ removing psychic hooks/ cords/ entities/ negative patterns/ implants/ spiritual intuitive counseling

$197 (25% off)

NOW $147.75

Limited spaces are available weekly. Book early for best times.

In order for the sesssion to be confirmed, payment needs to be posted 48 hours prior to your session weekends and holidays excluded

From our experience the best results were achieved from a minimum of 3 sessions.

*** 3 Healing Sessions Package ***

Healing Package $489

Savings of $102 


The package includes 3 healing sessions (60 minutes session)
All healing sessions in the package must be used within 30 days.

Limited spaces are available weekly. Book early for best times.

* Rates are subject to change without notice



What people say about Lilly's Healing Touch


"Hi Lilly,
thanks so much for an hour of pure magic! It amazes me how accurate you were, bringing me to tears followed by much needed release of those energies. I feel lighter, brighter and renewed. The message you gave me at the beginning of the session was profound. I will look at it everyday to remind myself that I have the power to guide my destiny!
Blessings, LV


I took a shower right after our session.
Before getting into the shower, I saw myself in the mirror,
and I was struck by how beautiful and radiant my face looked.
Things have continued to go quite well at work these past few days.
Again, there have been some lovely surprises. ~ Karen"


You are so beautiful. Your energy is so pure and sincere like an untainted child's.
How lucky we are to have you on this journey.
thank you
namaste blessings
also yea to FCB'S (feet chakra balancers)!!!"


"The session was very strong, I almost fell of my chair when I received the results the next day, absolutely shocking results!!!
Also after the session my psychic guidance improved.
Things are good, even my boss started to be very nice and good to me.
Meditating with the OCB's (orgone chakra balancers) from you I noticed
that I am very calm and there is crazy amount of activity in my third eye". ~ K.C.


"Dear Lilly, I made a pregnancy test today and the result is positive. I’m pregnant.
Thank you so much for all your help. I will always be grateful for what you did!
Love, XX"


Lilly, I got my period today after we did work on my ovaries and there was no pain whatsoever,
first time without pain, I always have pain. Unbelievable!!!
Also More good news after the first session we did that work on abundance: they called me for a job interview
and not the one I applied for, another one paid much better!!! WOW!!
I thank you so much. XX


I checked sugar level before healing (227) and after (167). All their pills and insulin couldn't do that.
I felt so good I forgot to eat or take medication. If that isn't confirmation I don't know what is.
I'm forever indebted (I hope that is correct word I'm looking for) to you.
Love you, Ann"


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