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General Healing Sessions



A general session deals with the whole physical body as well as its surrounding field. This holistic approach facilitates the energy to be directed where it is needed.

If the energetic field (aura) has irregularities or chakras are blocked, the flow of energy is interrupted and illness develop.

The healing work is done on the aura and subtle bodies, chakras and the physical body. The aura is cleaned up for energetic debris and toxins, then it is evened out and after that reinforced. The chakras are unblocked and get balanced.

The body gets into deep state of relaxation. When the body reaches this state, the healing takes place.

The body is a unit.
Anything that happens in any one part of the body has an impact on another part. The body is a self correcting mechanism. When given the right energy field and opportunity the body will heal itself. The cells, nerves , bones, muscles, organs start to communicate in harmony with each other and become friendly again.

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Universal love frequency does the whole work.

The energy receiver has to accept this healing energy from the Source in order to get healed.
If the energy is not accepted it will travel somewhere else in the Universe, it is never wasted.
The energy is never harmful as long as love is involved.

Love does miracles!!!



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