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Clairaudience Orgone Pendant



"Audients don't wait for things to happen; they make them happen"~ P. Senders

Psychic hearing also called Clairaudience is the extrasensory channel that can also be identified with mental telepathy (reading someone else's thoughts or mind).

People strong in psychic hearing taend to be mentally alert and fast to react, their initiave leading to new opportunities.

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''


Clairaudience orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) product designed to help:

* strengthen trust in clairaudient phenomena and open the clairaudience psychic reception area at will
* perceive various psychic echoes from the universe
* receive psychic echo response about yourself or situations in your life after asking questions
* receive higher vibrational positive and healing messages
* receive your own personal mantra for harmony in your life
* receive messages from angelic realms, guides, helpers,
* bring various levels of higher vibrational energy more consciously into ones awareness of subtle sound
* improve other psychic strengths because all psychic senses use similar Para-brain centers
* improve musical capabilities to attune to energies of a higher vibration

The essential oils, vibrational clairaudient gem elixir, and herbs chosen for this pendant help to sharpen psychic hearing (clairaudience).
The combination of gemstones selected for this pendant are high quality stones which help you to reach into the psychic realms beyond words and sounds.
The Solfegio frequencies infused in this pendant help dissolve psychic blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to receive insight.
The water used for the pendant is strongly charged, keeping the clairaudient psychic abilities frequencies active.

Clairaudient abilities affirmations: My inner hearing is strong. I can listen between the lines. I am open to my higher self. I trust my psychic hearing ability with a deep sense of security. I access my psychic abilities easily.

Place your clairaudience orgone pendant under your pillow during sleeping to reinforce its effects and stay in this psychic vibration.


Clairaudience orgone pendant meditation:

Sit crossleged or in a chair spending few minutes meditating with your pendant both in the morning upon waking or before going to sleep or anytime you want to get your frequencies aligned with pendant's vibrations.
While thinking positive thoughts, smiling and thanking the Universe for whatever comes to your mind:
* touch or rub the soles of your feet with the pendant for clearing Earth star and centers in the legs, getting more grounded, more stable and more balanced
* touch or rub your heart center with the pendant thanking for feeling beyond this realm
* touch or rub the base of your throat to relax and open psychic hearing channels
* touch or rub the
clairaudient (hearing) reception area which is located on either side of the head above ear level to open psychic hearing channels
* touch or rub the third eye and crown centers to improve other psychic strengths because all psychic senses use similar Para-brain centers
* touch or rub the center of your heart again for aligning with the pendant’s frequencies.

For faster results we suggest to use the clairaudience orgone pendant in combination with the Clairaudience Gem Elixir.

What people have to say about Clairaudient Orgone Pendant

Dear Lilly,
I used the clairaudience pendant as suggested on your website. The results were not so shocking for a few weeks, although I could feel the energy from it very powerfully opening me up to any sort of psychic abilities... BUT: one day when I meditated in the morning with it I was listening to meditative music. I had powerful insights and visions and after I have finished my meditation I could still hear that music. It was so real that I went to check if I left my stereo on and no, to my surprise stereo was off. I could not believe the music was still playing softly in my head, was unbelievable!!! Since then I have noticed a massive increase in my psychic clairaudience as well as clairvoyance. You are right this is a very powerful tool, but you need to do work with it... I am so grateful for sharing your gifts to the world. Namaste - D"


"Dear Yasmine,
Please let Lilly know about my experiences with the clairaudience orgone pendant please..
Since I have started to wear the pendant I have experienced complete pain relief on my hip that has been giving me problems for years, I have diabetes and suffer from many different health issues, many would say I am lucky to be alive, but I know God has kept me this long for a purpose, I have since speaking with you using your elixirs and the orgone been able to see a different perspective of our reality and has empowered me alot!
The orgone pendant completely opened me up to the shifts that happened during the fullmoon and solar eclipse, I felt very calm and was able to deal with all the emotional releasing, even to have been so connected to the energies has blown me away.
The most profound change I have experienced since wearing the pendant is that I am able to 'see' colours and 'life forms' in the air when I look, I suffer from vision impairment since the diabetes and seeing things even beyond my physical sight has amazed me more then anything, and within 7 days of putting it on I feel much more confident in my intuitive abilities.
blessings to you! xxxxxxxx"


"Hi Lilly, a funny thing happened a couple of nights ago, I was in bed relaxing i dont think i was asleep, i had the clairaudient pendant in one hand and a piece of apophyllite on the other hand and all of a sudden i felt a spinning sensation in my mind and then started to see all kinds of numbers popping within what looked like a wheel shape with the numbers on them almost like a chart like i use with my pendulum. its happened one time before but not with the pendant, i really think i wasnt asleep with this was going on. doris "

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