Unleash the Powerful Force of the Goddess ~ The Sacred Feminine ~
Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant
Unleash the Power of the Goddess ~


This New Energy of the Goddess is emerging and strongly surfacing.

The world needs it more than ever, and the more people working with this NEW energy the stronger we become on all levels and we help our entire planet expand and surface these new energies. The time is Now!

The Pendant was created to help discover your divine feminine sacred gifts, fine tune and use them.

This orgone pendant is for both men and women.

The Sacred Feminine is a gift from ancient times that we need to work with to be at peace with yourself and our beloved planet Earth.

Intuition belongs to feminine energy and it is the greatest tool for guidance.

Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom.

In these powerful times on Earth we need the Divine Feminine, The Goddess, The nurturing energy of Mother, The sacred feminine principle to really survive and thrive.

Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant
Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy)
blessing designed to help:

* awaken feminine qualities
* expands intuition and psychic awareness
* grow wisdom and intelligence
* learn and attune to the new codes, keys and Cosmic Information
* gain admission to unknown mysteries and kingdom of spirituality
* stimulate confidence, reduce stress and anxiety
* meditation
* balance yin/yang
* bring harmony to all areas of life
* activate heart chakra
* attune to the highest vibrations of peace and love

We need the life force of the sacred feminine to balance the divine masculine so we can create
balance and harmony in our lives and on Earth.

This pendant was born during a night of Feminine Power.

One night I woke up at 3:33 am and all I could hear was:
"Create the Feminine Goddess Pendant to share your knowledge with the world."
It was one of the calls from Spirit which cannot be ignored.

Main Stones in this Orgone Pendant:

Moonstone (the great Mother Goddess, feminine intuitive) balanced perfectly by
Labradorite (masculine powers and assertiveness).
Together combined create the perfect yin-yang shiv/shakti balance.
Addition: Lapis Lazuli (psychic powers and truth), Chrysocolla (energy purifier),
Larvikite (grounding, protection and psychic awareness), Andalusite
(meditation, protection, manifestation, past life memories, balance masculine/feminine energies),
pink tourmaline (spiritual and emotional healing), emerald (abundant love) and more...

Along with high quality of gemstones and crystals, the pendant is infused with high vibrations,
prayers and blessings, combo of energized charged water from sacred locations around the world,
essential oils, sacred resins and most of all with powerful blessings of the Goddess.

What people say about the Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant

"I want to talk about the Divine Feminine pendant which I've had for a few months.
One of the many powerful lessons this pendant has brought me, is the benefit of balance.
Balance in the mind, in the heart and in the body.
The energies of Shiva and Shakti created harmony inside of me that I didn't know I was missing.
During the time I spent with the meditation you gave and in wearing the pendant with awareness,
I learned that once you have internal harmony it will naturally reflect on the outside.
And where at first my meditation centered on cosmic balance of self, I felt it extend to my environment
and to those around me and to the land.
I've chipped away at the sense of duality and detachment from all that is;
understanding my connection to Spirit and that it is always present and in abundance if I am just willing.
Shiva and Shakti have become my cosmic mother and father; their presence within me blessing my life daily. ~ Ashley"


"Thank you Divine Feminine Pedant received today.

I felt the energy since yesterday and more intense today.
One word to describe Pendant - WOW !
Thank you.


"I also got your goddess pendant which I absolutely love.
I am ballet teacher and all my students comment on the beauty of it when I wear it.
 Is it alright to have my students feel and hold it?
(example: sitting in a circle and it’s passed around while they get to hold it for a few seconds…)
this is how much attention it gets! They are about 8-10 years old.
Love, Marlena


"I got the divine feminine pendant today!
Its so awesome and full of power, its soft yet powerful energy and
its like a bubble around you when you wear it protecting!
I love it, its also got a really nice finish so glossy and perfect, I really love the energy.
I am so happy it came today!" ~Yasmine F.


"I received the Orgone pendant yesterday
- its a very special one, and in all honesty - Lilly Natures Blessings
makes the best quality orgone pendants I have ever seen!
Much gratitude!" ~ Larina H.


I purchased as a birthday gift back in December a Goddess Pendant which I have loved and adore,
however a week ago due to an unusual case of not feeling well I accidentally left my pendant
with the bed sheets and placed it into the wash machine - HOT cycle.
When it came out,
I saw that it was still in tact however the back of the pendant is all fragmented lines and the front is cloudy and steamy looking.
A rash appeared on my neck two days later as a result of not wearing it.
I have been leaving it on my window sill where it can dry in the sun.
Thank you In love and light Jai Maa Durga" ~ Caterina R.


Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant

(including s&h anywhere in the world)


Along with this Pendant we suggest
Shiva/Shakti Sacred Union of Feminine/Masculine Audio Meditation
with special effects to impress upon subconscious Mind

May your path be always filled with Goddess' Blessings...


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