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Protection Orgone Pendant


Feeling drained, fatigued, afraid for no apparent reason?

These symptoms might indicate negative or/and dark psychic energies,
spirits or entities.

If auric field is not strong enough, external energies or
negative thought forms can invade your aura, creating
confusion, fear, stress, anger, frustration, pain etc.

Energies are transmitted at frequencies invisible to the naked eye.


Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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What is Orgone?


Protection orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) amulet designed to help:

protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations

* protect against "bad vibes", "psychic attacks", "evil eye" and "emotional pollution", EMF

connect to the divine protection

* ground spiritual energies

* protect from other people negativities

* cleanse negative energies
, replacing them with loving energies

* strengthen and align all chakras and meridians

* clean and heal holes in the aura, preventing energy leakage

* increase well-being

* bring optimism

bring peace of mind

The essential oils, gemstones magickal elixirs, herbs chosen for this amulet hold a very powerful
vibration of protection.

The gemstones selected for this pendant will help open you up to unconditional love and peace,
overcoming negative thoughts and attitudes.
The Solffegio frequencies infused in this pendant help dissolve negative blocks at cellular level,
non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to the flow
of positive vibrations.

The holy water used for the pendant is strongly charged, keeping the protection frequencies active.

Protection affirmations

I live in a protected and safe environment.
God protects me every day, in every way.
I feel safe and protected.
I am divinely protected and guided.
I am surrounded by peace.
I am loved. I am in control at all times.
I am surrounded by a powerful circle of Divine Substance
that protects and strengthens me.

Wear the pendant over your heart center and if you feel any depletion
or emotional pain hold the pendant over your solar plexus center until the pain disappears.

Place your Protection orgone pendant under your pillow while sleeping to reinforce its effects.

Protection Orgone Pendant Meditation:

Sit crossleged or in a chair spending few minutes meditating with your pendant both in the morning
upon waking or before going to sleep or anytime you want to get your frequencies aligned with pendant's vibrations.

While thinking loving thoughts, smiling and thanking the Universe for anything coming to mind.
* touch or rub the soles of your feet with the pendant for clearing Earth star and centers in the legs,
getting more grounded, more stable and more balanced
* touch or rub your solar plexus center to keep this center of power protected
* touch or rub your heart center with the pendant to open the flow of love in the body
* touch or rub your brow and then crown centers to relax and open your mind to receive loving
and securing thoughts, strengthening your auric field.
* touch or rub the palms of your hands with the pendant dissolving the blocks at cellular level
* touch or rub the center of your heart again for aligning with the pendant’s protection frequencies

For greater results in addition to wearing the Protection Orgone Pendant we suggest the
Aura Gem Elixir.

Protection Orgone Pendant

$97 (including s&h anywhere in the world)

What people have to say about protection orgone Pendant/Amulet

"While wearing the protection pendant I felt a great deal of heat in the back of my solar plexus.
I almost wasn't sure because if it was from the pendant.
Most of it's effects have been more subtle but ocasionally there are some unpleasant people
who pop into my head.
When they do they also seem to disapear the second I put the protection pendant on.

I can't thank you enough, orgone has been working (even if it's over very extended periods of time)
where everything has failed, it's easy to use, and being from the multi-tasking generation,
I love being able to heal somewhat without skipping a beat in my day when I am working, playing, and even sleeping. E.S.P."

"That protection (orgone) pendant saved my life, and literally saved my friends life the day I gave it to him...
I'll explain later, in detail, when I have a chance" - Nick H

"Thank you for the orgone products.
This email is to let you know my success of using your products.
When I first held them, I did not feel much.
After putting on the protection pendant, I started to feel more secure around myself.
When I place the Implant Neutraliser on the top of my head for the first time, it was such an overwhelming experience!
It was hard to breathe and whole head tightened. The product was kinda absorbing all "stuff" away from my head!
Then the amazing thing happened; I felt that clarity came back to me, I was lighter. ~ Iris"

I have a beautiful pendant (protection orgone pendant) from you. I want to tell you that it helps a lot,
and not only me. My daughter has started her studies in web-site design recently,
after rejecting to study for several years
X. X.

I can definitely sense the energy radiating from the pendant and it looks nice as well.
I feel that I'm able to meditate and do healing work in peace without having to worry
about any type of interference from negative energies or beings.
Thanks to your amazing and beautiful orgone creations. :) Peace love and joy." ~ Anthony

I've received you magic jewelry which really works in a wonderful way!
It gives Energy, and it changes the whole aura in the house.
I can sleep much better, and I noticed that I felt very good when it was just kept close to me.
It's fantastic!
Thank you very much!" X.X."

I have been using your protection orgone pendant for a month or so now,
and it is amazing what has been released in the meantime.
Much old fears from previous lives are forced to the surface in order to be cleansed.
You are right, this pendant is truly effective in terms of balancing fearful energies,
in my experience. I want to thank you for that." ~ Marinus

"I do shamanic healing work and the last ceremony I was conducting I had such a hard time
due to psychic attacks.
Let me tell you: your pendant saved me. It is such a powerful necklace!
First off I recovered my voice that I needed for my chants, was able to come back to my own powers
and conduct shamanic ceremonies in order to do healing work.
I am very grateful for this amazing spiritual protection tool you offer to the world. Blessings, X X"

"I wanted to thank you for making that protector pendant for my brother.
He's familiar with orgone devices. I gave him one of those big pyramids that xxxx from xxxxxxxxxx
made quite a while ago, and when he picked up the pendant you made him he was amazed at how powerful it was.
He remarked how it felt far more powerful than the big pyramid.
He seems to be quite a bit more sensitive than I am. Mike"

"I did put the Protection Pendant to use already! 
We are having a run of really bad weather here, and some horrendous thunderstorms were threatening
!  I got the idea to hang the protection pendant outside on my patio, which overlooks my ranch. 
The oddest thing happened!  The pendant positioned itself to face the oncoming storm, and stayed that way,
even though the wind was blowing really hard and it should have been swinging around like crazy! 
A huge storm cell that appeared to be  heading straight for us, actually changed its course and missed us! 
 Could it have been the pendant?  Or just luck??  I choose to think the pendant helped!! 
Thank you!!  Dee"

"Its our energies merging that creates beauty!  I realized this when I wore your protection orgone pendant
and then I held the mini-TBs I made in each hand.
Your pendant connected with my mini-TBs and almost immediately they started tingling and I felt peace and relaxed all over!
When I hold my TBs wearing your pendant I instantly go into meditation!
Its the different energies merging that creates beauty! xx"

I received the orgone pendant, thanks so much it is beautiful.
I feel very calm and centered wearing it. I forgot to note besides wanting to improve concentration and
protection I also have anxiety and after I put it on it subsided.
The little things and emotions of others I notice do not affect me as much
since wearing it today.
Thanks so much!!!
Blessings and light, j9

"Your orgone pendant for my mother is wonderful.
It has decreased alot of pain and stress.
Whenever she has a piercing pain on her body, I place the orgone on that spot and chant the mantras
I have recieved from Yasmin, and minutes later, the pain is gone." A

"The pendant has arrived. I can feel its subtle effect now already, after a day. Thank you, Marinus"

I received the Protection Pendant today, and this is helping me to concentrate and focus like nothing else.
Amazing!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Megan"

May the protection orgone pendant guard you wherever you go and guide you in whatever you do.

Trust and have faith that you are always protected

For greater results in addition to wearing the protection orgone pendant we suggest the Aura Gem Elixir.

Aura Gem Elixir
Aura (subtle bodies) or energy field that sourrounds the physical body acts as a protective screen delineating your space. When aura is not balanced it creates stress producing energy leakage. When it is balanced it repels other's people unwanted energy providing protection.

Using these elixirs, energies are transferred from physical levels to higher vibrational levels to help to:

* heal holes in the aura created by illness, mental or emotional pain
* detach unpleasant thoughts and other mental influences
* balance personal energies, recharging 'personal batteries'
* align aura with the physical body, mind and spirit
* protect and strenghten aura drawing in divine energy
* provide psychic shield and release stagnant energetic blockages
* ground energies, disolving negative thoughts and emotions
* improve psychic strengths
sharpen and expand your energetic body

Aura Gem Elixir
Approx : 1 oz



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