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Where is the world heading to?

Before I go into money belief system I want you to stop and congratulate yourself for reading this. Please do so!

You are ready to change your beliefs about money just because you have opened this page. So this is good news! Awesome!

We know it and feel it that the old systems do not work anymore and what we have to do is to reinvent ourselves, follow our hearts and dreams and start creating. Create what you are passionate about and share it with others. The more you create and more value you offer the more you will be rewarded in the form of currency which is a form of energy as we all know it.

The difference between old systems and new system is that the money is shifting from a few to many and also is changing vibration. Money which once was perceived as greed, shame or evil is now transformed into high vibrations that allows to serve others and evolve in a spiritual way based on integrity and heart center.

The more your heart opens to goodness the more abundance flowing into our lives.

If you want to know if your money belief is doing a disservice to you look at your level of your abundance. And abundance is not only money is more than that, it is about your health, relaxing time, happiness, freedom, is about great relationships. Energetically speaking Money blocks usually reside in the lower energy centers in particular root chakra and second chakra and in the emotional and mental subtle bodies.

If you manage to change the belief system about money and perceive it as a high vibrational energy that allows to serve others and yourself than your life has a new meaning.

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What are your unsupportive beliefs about money?

My main unsupported belief was that I had to work extremely hard for money.
As I grew up my father always told me the same story about money over and over: his father started to work when he was 12 years old in a salt mine carrying around big chunks of salt. He, like his father had the same fate, working extremely hard in the same salt mine. Fortunately my father has left his parents home and made it on his own but all his life was based on working hard for money.

As I found myself in my 20’s I started to work hard myself but never satisfied as I didn't’t enjoy what I was doing. My father baggage about money penetrated my emotional and mental body. No, I am not blaming him for that. He did what he did best for his children with the resources he had at the time.

On the other side my mom always told me that I was born lucky and brought luck to everyone that I have met in my life and in particular family and friends.
So I had a mixture of belief about money: hard work and luck which is some sort of contradiction and quite confusing. So definitely belief part of systems come from the past in particular childhood being influenced by our parents or guardians.

So first step to take in order to become aware of your blocks about money is to be aware and have an understanding of where your abundance and money belief system come from?
Once you have a clear understanding you can move further in clearing those beliefs and start creating what your heart truly wants.

How I have changed my belief system about working extremely hard?

Well I have changed the energy of working extremely hard replacing the words “extremely hard” with “passion" and "loving what I am doing“, so two totally different energies.

So the shift for me was the meaning I was giving to my work and I did quite a lot of work on releasing the old belief system.

If you’re experiencing limitation, struggle or hardship ANYWHERE with relationships, money, your career, health you’ll find a belief that sabotages your success that has to be cleared.

When we change the beliefs about money we can help others change their beliefs and help the entire world to shift from poverty and scarcity to abundance. It is happening as the entire planet is shifting due to new energies arriving, also a lot is going on with the planetary alignments. We are also helped by the invisible spirit world, by angels, so have faith, stay strong and live from the heart.

Abundant Blessings,

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