Nautilus... the Master of the Depths: Sacred Information... The begining and the End... The Alpha and The Omega

Nautilus - the Master of the Depths: Spiritual Advancement and Power Animal (Totem)


Most of us who work with animal totem (power animal) know that the traits of the particular animal power are somehow gifted to us to work with.

It is not a mystery that we have more than one animal power. Whales, dolphins, black panthers, eagles, condors, dragons, hummingbirds, bighorn sheep, snakes and so many more animals shared their wisdom and knowledge with me in different times when I was ready to receive their gifts.

What is your animal power and what gifts is sharing with you?

That is a great question to ask yourself.

This year I was fortunate enough to spend my birthday in Fiji, Beqa Island. It is a secluded, unspoiled, relatively small island in Fiji, with no roads or cars. Wild, huh!?

What I love the most about travelling to sacred and wild places is the empowerment and Spiritual advancement I am blessed with. Do you resonate? I bet you do.

There is nothing much more precious than the spiritual rewards in my opinion. All the material things in the world make no sense when it comes to the rewards of the Spirit. And No I am not saying material is bad, without material we cannot advance, but the Spiritual rewards are fulfilling heart and life purpose.

If you want to increase your psychic awareness and dwell deep into the realm of Spirit go in the nature.

And the wilder the place the more spiritual insight and advancement.

Nautilus Power Animal Totem

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I was so curious of the Spiritual upgrades I was about to receive in Fiji.

While walking on a paradise beach I asked Spirit of the Ocean to bless me with a message.

As I was walking towards my right, I saw a local throwing coconuts in the water right in front of me.

I thought hmmm... this means to stop and look for the message somewhere else.
The man who was throwing coconuts in the water started a conversation with me and later
I realized it was to stop me for going in that direction.

Not too long after we started our conversation, I felt an urge to go back in the opposite direction
and eventually had to stop the conversation abruptly.
When I turned around I saw a local rushing towards me.
I immediately knew that has something for me and started to walk towards him.
He was carrying something in his hand and my eyes were fixated on what he was carrying.

When he approached me he gave me something and said:

"This is for you. A squid brought it to the shore for you."

My heart was pounding as I was extremely curious and excited!

I said: "Are you sure? Wow! It is my birthday today."

He said: "Yes I am sure, this is a nautilus and it is very rare.
A gift for your birthday.
A squid brought it from the depths of the ocean for you, and its size is quite big.
We don't normally see such big nautilus, if we are lucky to see them."

I asked: "Can I take it home with me?"

He said: "Yes, yes, of course, it is yours to keep."

WOW!! I was speechless... and so grateful, tears rolling down.

When Asking the Spirit with high intent, Spirit responds in miraculous ways and sometimes quite fast.
On this occasion it probably took 10-15 minutes to get a response.
I had precious gifts in the past for my birthday, including swimming with wild dolphins,
hearing whales underwater and such, and now the nautilus!!!

I am blessed, and hoping if you read this to feel my blessings and to go out and find yours.
We are ALL blessed; we just need to have faith.

What is NAUTILUS sharing with humanity?

I would like you not to just read the information but absorb it with your heart,
as nautilus came not only to me but to ALL of us with messages from the depths of the oceans.

Nautilus revealed that there is so much more that we see or hear in this world.
There are other worlds underworlds that were being kept secret until now.
More will be revealed in the future, so stay tuned for the new mysteries to be revealed.

I was asked by the Spirit of the Nautilus to create a Nautilus guided meditation to help all of us with Spiritual Advancement.
You can get it here.

Nautilus wants us to spend time in meditation with its image

Once we think and visualize the nautilus shell we can tune into its vibrations and wisdom.
(Look at the picture above, close your eyes and visualize this).

Place the nautilus shell close to your ear and listen the message of the Ocean.
See what you get.

This is what I got from it and it is for all who read it: I placed it on my left ear and got this:
Peace, manifestation and freedom. (Quite simple messages)

I placed it next to my right ear and heard so much more and detailed.

Messages for abundance and growth, health and freedom of time, balance and harmony.

Time Freedom

The time is extremely accelerating due to technology advancement and if we are not careful
the time disappears in a blink of an eye.
You have to stay present with your present. Don't throw it away.

Buoyancy, Balance, Proportionality

No matter what happens in the world, your job is to keep yourself afloat and buoyant.
Challenges will always be present in your life. Learn buoyancy from the nautilus:
swim emotionally through life while maintain your balance. And most important BREATH...
Buoyancy is very closely related to your breathe.

As a scuba diver I learned buoyancy while controlling my breath.
When exhaling you descent, when you inhale you ascend slightly.
The calmer and deeper the breath, the more graceful the buoyancy and floating freely underwater.
Breath gracefully and maintain breathe awareness.
It keeps you balanced in life.

Nautilus is considered a 'living fossil' that has survived in earth's oceans for the last 500 million years,
before there were fish or dinosaurs.
If nothing impressed you so far, I hope this just did!

Nautilus is a deep diver and can go to depths as deep as 2000 feet during the day
to avoid predators and come to shallow depths during the night to hunt for prey.

Sacred Geometry and the Nautilus Spiral Shell

The nautilus snail like shell is a perfect spiral and reflects the larger order of the universe.
The nautilus shell presents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral.
'Spira mirabilis' is the Latin name for this type of spiral and it means "miraculous spiral.

This spiral resembles the distant galaxies and hurricanes spirals.

Sacred Geometry is an ancient science and it is based on geometric patterns found in nature.

It is the basis of the Universe and found in everything: from our very small DNA to the Cosmic Galaxies we are in.

It is said that Nautilus shell spiral is the Golden mean Spiral is one of those mysterious natural numbers
that seems to arise out of the basic structure of our cosmos, symbol of unfolding life mysteries.

The Golden Mean is found in the ancient architecture of buildings and was used to connect
with the Higher energy of Spirit Realms through prayer.

Nautilus totem teaches to sense and tap intuitively into the sacred geometry present in each shape in nature.
It teaches how to read the spaces that are alive energetically or empty and how to enliven spaces that are dead.

The spiral of the nautilus represents the expansiveness of awareness and the evolution of consciousness.

Intuition, Moon, Feminine

Shells come from the Ocean, which are connected to the Moon and Feminine aspect as well as closely related to intuition.

Nautilus medicine teaches how to tap into own intuitive abilities and let go of past emotions
that don't serve us well.
Because they are living fossils and are so ancient in nature they have a connection with the past.
The lessons they teach is to let go of the past that was traumatic with wisdom and compassion
and embrace the present moment with joy so we can create a bright abundant future.

Centeredness and Wisdom from Experiences

Nautilus via its spiraled shape teaches us to learn from past experiences instead of shutting them down.
Only by doing this we expand our awareness and grow spiritually.

Experience leads to wisdom.

Although the nautilus keeps growing while maturing it is always connected to its central point.

That teaches us that the more we grow and evolve the more centered we are and always come back to our center.

Beauty of the nautilus medicine teaches us to remain beautiful but not being vane but being aware of environment,
it is a natural inside beauty and not an external beauty created by false and vanity.

It is based on natural and organic nature.

Nautilus medicine teaches how to blend well with the surroundings and preserve own environment.

I hope that you are tuning into to the frequency of wisdom of Nautilus
and if you would like to further your advancement we strongly suggest the
Nautilus Spiral Shell Meditation for Spiritual Growth and Inner Peace

Peace, Love and Many Blessings,
Lilly Natures Blessings

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