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Shaman Vision Orgone Pendant


--The way of the New Shaman--

~Shaman~ --
the one who knows, the wise one, the one who walks between the worlds, a healer, an explorer, a protector --
Wisdom of the shaman is the ability to transcend the normal limits of consciousness.

The Shaman Vision Orgone Pedant helps expand awareness beyond the everyday levels of the physical and emotional into the magical realms of the mythic and beyond

Shaman Vision Orgone Pendant is a a great tool for shamans, psychics, energy healers, seers, visionaries or people that want to develop intuition, shamanic skills and knowledge.

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Shamans ~ Ayahuasca and San Pedro journeys ~ Machu Picchu ~ Yoga ~ Healing~~~

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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Shaman Vision orgone pendant
is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* in spiritual journeys and astral travel

* establish contact with the spirit within

* communicate with spirit/ animal totem

* reclaim the wisdom of shamanic ancestry

* bring good luck, prosperity

* protect the wearer against negative energy, dark entities

being aware of the inner power

* access pre-determined sites and
contact departed loved ones

* assist in dream recall

* accelerate the transfer of knowledge
from spiritual beings, animal totem, guides...

The combination of gemstones and crystals native of Peru are high vibrational stones were given to me during and after my spiritul journey in Peru where I worked with shamans, medicine plants, and connected to the sacred spirits of Andean Mountains (apus). The vibration of the pendant will help one connect to the spirit of the new shaman and reach into the spiritual realms beyond words. The peruvian sacred tree seeds chosed for the pendant have the power to attract good fortune and abundance and ward off evil spirits.
It also carries the vibrations of the Ayahuasca and San Pedro (from Peru plant ceremonies)

The Solffegio frequencies including 528 - Love frequency, infused in this pendant help dissolve psychic blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to receive healing and wisdom of the shaman.
The water used for the pendant is a combination of strongly charged and holy blessed waters gathered from around the world keeping the frequencies of pendant active always.

The elixirs are in harmony with high vibrational orgone -- there is a natural synergy created between the 2 forces that cut through illusions and expedite our growth cycles. Customers who bought this also enjoyed the benefits of plant elixirs: here

~~~Related Events: Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru
Shamans ~ Ayahuasca and San Pedro journeys ~ Machu Picchu ~ Yoga ~ Healing~~~

What People have to say about the Shaman Vision Orgone Pendant


"My shaman pendant is my 'go to' for meditation and on me if not near me while sleeping nightly.
This pendant gave me a better understanding of clairvoyance and put me in contact
with two people that have furthered my journey into spiritual growth.
I have been feeling compelled to seek a shaman's guidance and this piece
along with the others has helped prepare me. ~ Sanford"


"This is my experience with the shaman orgone pendant.
At first, I slept with it, and slept very well with remembrance of my dreams :)
Then when I went out and was interacting with people I had a strange feeling at first, so I took it off for a while.
When I worked with it again I could feel an incredible flow of creativity running through me,
so I got in contact with my creativity side witch I wanted to work with
(I wanted to get in-touch with my creativity for a while).
It was like an blockage was now open.
I feel it helps me where ever I need to work with, something similar like the ayahuasca experience I had.
Now, after 3 weeks of wearing it (almost every day), I feel like I am more in balance and it led me to the Rhodosite stone,
witch deals with the deep rooted stuff inside my heart.
With the Shaman Orgone I also feel a better connection with animals, specially cats.
it feels like I am taping in to the nature spirits, and I love it! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3 "~ Gabriel G.


Lilly, After learning about Orgonite, I searched for someone that made them.  
When I found your site, I was AMAZED at the variety and quality of your pendants.
 After some deliberation, I ordered the Shamanic Vision pendant, and excitedly waited for it...
When I received it, I opened the package, and took it out.

 I nearly passed out from the surge of energy just from holding it!  
I had to put it in the other room, and gradually acclimate to it, a little at a time...
I now wear it all the time.  I get compliments on it ALL the time, easily 2-3 a week :)
 and when asked about it, I say it's orgonite magic, and share your website! Love, Andrea"


Dear Lilly,
Last night I worked with the Shaman Vision orgone pendant.
I felt like a vibrating light inside, pulsating up and down my body. 
I slept with the pendant on , and I had my mini-orgone dream enhancer under my pillow. 
I had a dream that I am a beautiful tree with healthy leaves. I could see my crown aura in the dream.
Was a pure, bright yellow light , right on top of the tree.
I'm not sure about the meaning of my dream but I woke up smiling, full of energy.
I believe that each of the orgone pendant has it's own unique energy and has an activating,
clearing power when placed on various chakras.
Thank you again, I will give special attention to my orgone pendants.
I will make them part of me. " --Monica S."


"Lilly, The (shaman vision) pendant I received is amazing :)
I really enjoy the energies I receive from it. I actually just ordered the Dragon Pendant
for my boyfriends birthday" Casey B.


"I love my pendant: a lot of things surfaced. I have noticed a lot of dreams, images coming up,
hearing a lot of songs with different meanings, I am so happy with it. Cindy "


Thanks!  I love my shaman vision pendant, this new one (clairvoyance orgone pendant)
is for a friend :)  thanks for creating such beautiful healing tools... Andrea T."


"The Shaman pendant makes me feel like I am lifting off the ground! Dee"


"You never cease to amaze me... This pendant (shaman vision orgone pendant) is beautiful.
I woke up in a good mood today, and I guess this was why.
I sort of had a feeling I'd be receiving this gift today.
Funny how that happens with the stuff you send me...
I'd like you to know, a cool thing happened to me the night I ordered the pendant.
Earlier in the day, I had spent a little time reading about the K...
an Indigenous group who're known to practice Shamanism.
Later that night, after being compelled to order the pendant, I had a brief, interesting encounter
with a women of "native" descent in my dream (which I didn't remember until I
was suddenly reminded the next evening). The encounter was quick, and no words were exchanged,
but I thought it was interesting to see & feel her presence in my dream.
I plan on using this wonderful gift you just sent me to remind myself to "stay on the right spiritual road".
I would also like you to know that I envy you a bit after reading about your trip to South America (Peru).

Not just the fact that you were able to visit those sacred places (my spirit always gets excited when
I see a picture or video of Machu Picchu),but also because you were able to experience Ayahuasca.
Thank you for this, Lilly." ~X.X.


"Thank you! I received the pendant yesterday, it is a masterpiece in many ways.  - serg, California"


"After being told I am a shaman, I started to explore what it means, and learning my purpose.
 I had been wearing a Shamanic orgone pendant for quite a while and came back to Lilly's site
to see what was new.  I found the Shamanic Spiral Empowerment and felt drawn to receive it.
 During the process, I connected energetically to Lilly and spent about 40 minutes receiving the energy.
 Shortly after that, I had a psychic reading, and was told the healing energy coming from
my palms was bigger than my hands!  (He said, everyone has healing energy coming from their palms,
many just a small point, and healers often the whole palm.)  
I found this to be a powerful confirmation about the Spiral Shamanic Healing Empowerment.  
I also have been receiving messages and clarity on my purpose frequently.  
I have purchased several of Lilly's healing tools, and they are all made with pure love and intention,
you can just feel her warm, sweet and powerful energy.  -Andrea"


Shaman Vision Orgone Pendant

$127(including s&h anywhere in the world)

due to high demand and because this is a handmade product
we ship on first come first serve


May your path be always filled with Blessings...


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