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Tools For Spiritual Awakening and Psychic Awareness
NEW! STAR Orgone Pendant ~ (5 pointed star)
~ New Light Code for Ascension ~

When we Awaken the ***Star*** within we awaken the Consciousness ~

Our entire planet goes through a profound transformation.
We receive New Codes of LIGHT from the beings of light (star nations).

5 pointed STAR is the new code of light that we are supposed to work with during our ascension process.

The 5 pointed STAR symbolizes unity of mankind with the Earth and the realm of the spirit.

Soul is craving Spiritual Awakening. Spiritual evolution happens in layers.
The Star Orgone Pendant assists with activating the layers of Spiritual Awakening.

Regardless where you are on your evolutionary path, the pendant will help awaken new spiritual insights and upgrade you to new levels of consciousness.

The Star Orgone Pendant assist with the process of awakening your star origin and your gifts and like other stars in Cosmos, shine bright for humanity during these extraordinary times.
The power of the Star Pendant can work miracles, keeping you safe.
It amplifies the safety energy field around you.


STAR Orgone Pendant
Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''
What is Orgone?

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OM (AUM) the sacred syllable, the universal syllable, the basis of all sounds, containing all other sounds.

OM is not a word, it is an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture, species. It is not only a mantra it is a prayer itself, a very powerful one.

OM (AUM) orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help: bring calmness and peace to the wearer, increase spiritual powers, open the gates to unknown mysteries, empower self, enhancing wisdom to deeper understanding esoteric knowledge, accelerate the transfer of knowledge from spiritual beings



7 DRAGONS Empowerment


The empowerment is a digital product and will be sent to you via email

Check our *** Dragon Package ***

The empowerment is send via magical (chi) energy ball along with a manual to download. This should not be taken lighly as the dragon is one of the most powerful creatures on earth!

Dragons are present on the earth right NOW to help us with the transition/shift and help with spiritual progression.

The ancient Shamans, healers, light workers, spiritual practitioners used the power of the Dragon spirit to awaken dormant spiritual powers, accomplish mental clarity, develop psychic and mental powers.

I have been working with the power of the mystical dragon for some time and all 7 of them showed up in different times during powerful spiritual work. This particular empowerment was chanelled after completed my second spiritual journey in Peru, July 2010 where I worked with shamans and medicine plants to increase my personal spiritual powers. 

7 Dragons Empowerment

This system is created to get attuned to the vibrations of the 7 magical dragons, being further attuned with 7 more dragon empowerments including a mysterious dragon breath, a very powerful "7 portal of cleansing" technique that cleanses one of implants, negative patterns, hooks, cords etc, 7 dragon balls of power meditation and more... These 7 dragon empowerments will help to offer protection, assist with vitality, willpower, strength healing, leadership skills, magical prowess, infinite wisdom and magical insight, metaphysical knowledge, good luck, prosperity, spiritual growth and transformation.

Check out our dragon collection


Spiral Shamanic Healing Empowerment


The empowerment is a digital product and will be sent to you via email

The Spiral Shamanic Healing Empowerment helps improve physical health and mental health first by clearing out debris and imbalances that doesn’t serve mind and body and second by enhancing the energetic system to support improved immune function and health and well being.

It also helps open up your intuition channel to receiving messages from our shaman ancestors that left messages for us in the nature.

This empowerment was given to me by Native American Shaman Spirit on July 4th 2010 during a long and though hike in the Spring Mt. Range (we completed 4 peaks in one day hike, elevation gain 7000+ feet, completed in 13.5 hours)

read more about the story behind this empowerment

The empowerment will be send through a "chi ball" and more ancient shamanic knowledge can be accessed through a portal created for this empowerment.




Audio Downloads and Other Tools for Awareness, Awakening, Protection, Love, Intuition and More

~ Meditations and affirmations, powerful recordings that use special effects to impress subconscious mind in very subtle ways in areas like "Love", "Protection", "Intuituion and Seld Development" and more...



NEW! Redesigned collection of orgone Chakra Pendants

~~~ Chakras ~~~
psychic centers that transform mental energy into spiritual energy

The seven major chakras have a deep influence on physical and mental well being. They are centers of great power.

When chakras are balanced, cleansed and energy flows correctly, a certain frequency will develop and will open up new paths towards spiritual growth, higher dimensions and psychic abilities.

The chakras are interrelated, they affect one another. Getting stuck in one chakra leads to energy collapse.
Deep understanding of the chakras leads to awareness of deep states of consciousness.

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''
What is Orgone?

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