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~~~ Awaken and channel the Dragon within ~~~

-- Dragons
- one of the most fascinating and magically powerful of all totems, the guardians of interdimensional gates and very old Beings of Light.

In many cultures and tribes the dragon is considered the source of wisdom, divinity and ‘good-fortune’.

They represent the supernatural and infinite self. They are royal offering guidance and encouragement, protection and gifts of love to those who befriend them and ask for their help.

The power of the Dragon orgone pendant will help raise you to the next level. If you are already developed spiritually, the vibration of the pendant will greatly accelerate your journey.





Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

What is Orgone?

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The empowerment is an energy attunemenet send via magical chi (energy ball) along with a manual to download.

This should not be taken lighly as the dragon is one of the most powerful creatures on earth!

Dragons are present on the earth right NOW to help us with the transition/shift and help with spiritual progression.

The ancient Shamans, healers, light workers, spiritual practitioners used the power of the Dragon spirit to awaken dormant spiritual powers, accomplish mental clarity, develop psychic and mental powers.

I have been working with the power of the mystical dragon for some time and all 7 of them showed up in different times during powerful spiritual work. This particular empowerment was chanelled after completed my second spiritual journey in Peru, July 2010 where I worked with shamans and medicine plants to increase my personal spiritual powers. 
7 Dragons Empowerment


This system is created to get attuned to the vibrations of the 7 magical dragons, being further attuned with 7 more dragon empowerments including a mysterious dragon breath, a very powerful "7 portal of cleansing" technique that cleanses one of implants, negative patterns, hooks, cords etc, 7 dragon balls of power meditation and more... These 7 dragon empowerments will help to offer protection, assist with vitality, willpower, strength healing, leadership skills, magical prowess, infinite wisdom and magical insight, metaphysical knowledge, good luck, prosperity, spiritual growth and transformation.

From our experience the best results were achieved when the Power of The Dragon Orgone Pendant
was used in combination with the 7 DRAGONS Empowerment

*** Dragon Package ***


(including s&h anywhere in the world)

(you save $52)


  ***Dragon Package includes the Power of the Dragon Orgone Pendant and the 7 DRAGONS Empowerment



What people have to say about the power of the dragon products


Dear Lilly,
I found the manual (for the 7 Dragon empowerment) beautiful as I was getting in on your lovely words for describing the energies. At same time the energies started to spin around me in the first reading, they are very familiar to me, I can distinguish energies by feeling them and since a while before I can hear the frequency of energy to.

Well, I went to sleep without calling the Chi ball empowerment. Today I was alone at home, so I prepared my sacred space and called the empowerment, the energy surrounding was subtle and at same time strong, then I started to do the empowerment one by one, now I felt the energy coming stronger as I went further in each empowerment "exercise". After doing the 7 Dragon portal of cleansing, I was interrupted with the arrival from outside of my wife and daughter, I felt the Dragons to stop the flow.
Curiously, my wife sensed them, but I didn't told her about this, few moments ago she felt something flying around her vibrating a strong "ziiiiiii" energy, she smiled and told me "hey there is any train here flying???, the same energy she always heard when we meet each other... I smiled and said "maybe". I am very happy and honored to receive this empowerment.
I am here excited waiting for the (dragon) orgone devices, until there I need to go deeper and deeper on the wonderful 7 Dragon empowerment. ~ Paulo"


"Dear Lilly,
My good friend Bryan recieved his Dragon pendant and he was quite amazed to say the least. He said your orgone pendants were,"strong as f***" ! ~Namaste! ; ) ~ F "


Let me just say, what you've probably heard from everybody else already... The 7 dragons Empowerment is POWERFUL. As soon as I began the empowerment the energies had such strong vibrations, very in tune with a higher awareness and one that translates effectively in the physical. I could feel the dragons around me as I went through my day and when I usually offer my healing prayers for others, I could feel the Dragon of xxxx adding his healing flame energy to mine to ensure that person got maximum healing, even from a little prayer which was awesome.
The dragons have a supreme majestic-ness to them that I found awe inspiring and humbling and an energy that pervades all levels of reality! I must admit I had to take a little break from the empowerments because the energy was coming in faster than I could process. Even so, their presense is still felt and their energy still there. They have great wisdom and understanding of the human condition which I'm very grateful for!" xx


"I found the Dragon cone to be very strong, protective and helpful in going deeper into one's self. I had many dreams where I went further into my past lives than I've ever been and feel the closing to a grand saga I've been wondering about for a while. What the Dragon Cone does is take you to those levels in yourself and while protecting you from any harm as a result. Its a surprisingly gentle yet strong energy in contrast to the other dragon products and I've still got more to figure out!" xx


"Lilly, As soon as I opened the 7 dragons empowerment manual, I felt something in my heart. It's so good! Thanks again, our angel. B"


"I haven't yet felt the full effects of the pendant because its only been 2 days and I'm grateful that the spirits are being kind and arising the energy gently. I do have a heightened sense of energy and purpose now. When I first received it, not even 5 mins went by and I had a burst of clarity and drive to do the things I had originally planned to put off.
It was suddenly like a knife cut through my indecision and made me focus like a diamond stylus, its a very refreshing feeling. I am slowly bonding with the energies in a patient and loving manner, full of enthusiasm. I plan to buy the elixir that goes with the pendant, today, actually. And eventually the cone.
Whenever I focus my attention on the energy, I feel the scene of a wild and serene jungle, the birth place of the ancients, I contemplate on it daily as I feel the sacred tree seed guiding my thoughts to it.
Thanks so much for all you do, your an amazing role model to me, knowing what you do pushes me to go that extra mile spiritually and find the thing that I can do to make our mother happy again.
Thanks again! Ashley"


"The dragons finally came out to play :) When I went to sleep last night something was drawing me to the dragon pendent. Placed hands and pendant over my heart center, feet balancers in place :D..... I could feel my whole bodies vibrations adjusting and could feel some extra energy and color emitting. From there my spirit guide or angel made herself known... Thats when I knew something was different tonight. Out came the dragon cone. Placed that on my heart and placed the pendant over my 3rd eye, From there it was 2.5 hours of pure magic. They came out showing me their colors and vibrations and EYES haha in great detail. They came and left working on different parts of my body. And something else REALLY special happened waaay beyond my wildest.... At one point all of the dragons energies stopped and my eyes snapped open. On the ceiling of my room was this ball of energy just floating there and I watched it softly fall from the ceiling and land in my aura to the right of my head charging my whole body it felt sooooo amazing. WHAT WAS THAT :) ?? after that was the first time I have seen my guide(s) with my eyes open. I have felt different since. I can now see the energies coming from my orgone gifts." Mike H - Canada


"Lilly, So far with this dragon pendant I have been having an amazing boost into transformation of myself. Previous held beliefs and things I didn't know held me back have come to my attention and fallen away with ease. My heart feels lighter and lighter everyday, I change a little more and grow a little more and can honestly feel the light pouring into my heart.
This pendant is like the motor on my paddle boat and has helped me kick it into high gear and follow my hearts path. I feel the protection and assurance from the dragons and the peace of mother earth. The mantra really steps up the whole experience as well. When I say it just as instructed, my whole body begins to vibrate. The one thing I've noticed about this pendant is that its not just something to give you an energy boost and shield. I find that these energies intelligently sync with you and teach you to see yourself and guide you to becoming better, its only been a few weeks and yet I feel I've had months worth of personal growth.
Thank you so much for the creation of this pendant. ~ Ashley"


"Dear Lilly, 
I have quite a collection of your orgone creations and this one I have to say is one of my favourites if not the # 1 pick to date, it really has a punch! Already I noticed on its arrival that I had received even more orders then usual right before and right after it got here- there is definately a higher and more evolved set of energies and consciousness attached to the Dragon pendant.
I find that it leads me to understand higher more abstract messages when I recieve them I see right away the concept of the message and multiple layers of its depth of meaning I was missing this aspect before and I find it is fine tuning the way messages are converted, its more cosmic and less personal, almost as though my filters have changed or readjusted. I also noticed that it amplifies traits that we already have making them more powerful there is a clarity and sharpness in the 'vision of life' I have been using this with the Dragon's pendant so there is a further increase when using them, you can easily find yourself drifting to altered states and OBE- THe Dragon Pendant is a tool for power and not for the light hearted, very often when I need a break from the energies and take it off, I can feel myself shift into a lower gear.
Thanks again for making such powerfully conscious tools, these babies are alive and in tune and giving me a larger more panoramic seat in the cosmic cinema! YF ~ Cananda"


"I have been doing the 7 dragon empowerment for the past few days, and my impressions and experiences have varied daily. The first day I felt
very relaxed, and neutral after completion. The cleansing aspect was very, very strong. My spine tingled intensely. The second day I felt neutral, and the next day very down when I woke up, I could feel the energy move, so it was a consolation. The next day it was hard to concentrate, but I went through the steps of course anyways. My inner dragon appears very small, above my head and multi-color, green, blue and purple. Today, I was able to concentrate quite well, better, and my awareness has increased incredibly. Implants are fried, and I realize how often I get targeted and so am more vigilant in myprotection/drawing on heart chakra. I am SO much more aware of my heart, it's on my mind automatically. As far as the dragons go, I feel really connected to all of them. Progress is being made! Thank you my friend, for sharing your amazing gifts with the world.
Your wisdom and love are an inspiration. Megan"


"Lilly, This Dragon cone packs a serious punch :) Mike"


"The (7 Dragons) empowerment is wonderful....and the energy is STRONG. I haven't felt anything like it before. As you warned, it was overwhelming at times and I had to back off a bit. I'm continuing to wear my dragon pendant and rarely take it off. I've been having some great particular, I suddenly had the creative energy to empower myself in a situation that has made me feel enslaved for years. Also, every time I go into my wallet lately, there's more money there than I expected there to be. That's a great bonus :) Thank you so much for you and the work you do. :) Love and Blessings, Emily"


Hello Lilly, I just received your Power of the Dragon orgone cone, it's huge and beautiful, my business partner was very much impressed with it. The first night I wore the The power of the Dragon pendant at night I had this dream that instead of the normal necklace attached to the pendant, a wide one inch or so bright red and I believe also golden color ribbon was carefully woven into the pendant itself as it formed the necklace. I'm sure at some level I know its meaning.
Again Lilly, thank-you so very much for your BEING. Much Love and Light, Aaron"


"Hi Lilly, You have been on my mind a lot lately, so I decided to touch basis with you.  You and your creations has been a blessing to me. I want to keep in touch. I will be emailing you again-soon-with a thought I had about my next pendant.
By the way your dragon pendant is lovely. Lisa"




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