I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. ~Mahatma Gandhi...
Uplift Your Spirit Gem Elixir


~ Being positive doesn't mean ignoring the negative.
Being positive means overcoming the negative.~

Uplift the Spirit Elixir is the result of a message from Spirit during a Full Moon Transmission in Sagittarius (an uplifting sign).

My father was a Sagittarius and taught me to smile, laugh and be positive.
His favourite flower was Geranium and asked me to use this plant E.O. in this Gem Elixir, along with other potent plants, gemstones and crystals.

I am vibrating with a high intention that you radiate positivity and Joy! If you radiate high the planet radiates high!

Uplift Your Spirit Gem Elixir creates an energetic transfer from physical levels to higher vibrational levels and help to:

* remove negative thoughts and replace them with positive vibes
* detach unpleasant thoughts and other mental influences
* balance personal energies, giving the boost of life
* put positive energies into your intentions and projects
* protect and strengthen aura drawing in divine energy
* provide psychic shield and release stagnant energetic blockages
* ground energies, dissolving negative thoughts and emotions
* alleviate pain induced by negative thinking
change vision or perspective adopting new positive belief systems
* harmony and alignment with SPIRITUAL AWAKENING

Uplift Your Spirit Gem Elixir
Approx : 1 oz



How to use the aura gem elixir
This elixir help you keep a clear mind, staying focused in the present, in the NOW, keeping you grounded in positive thinking.
Spray over your aura (energy field), your space before meditation/ praying/healing/spiritual work.
Wipe over your third eye and crown chakras.

Another great way to absorb the elixirs is to place few drops in your bath water or mix them into your body lotion.

Breathing Technique to use with the Gem Elixir
Close your eyes and take 21 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Start slow and increase the rythm of your breathing.
After deep 21 breaths, breathe gently in and out through the nose.
Use the affirmations below:

Positive Uplifting Affirmations:
I am such a wonderful human being!
My life is full of goodness, passion, joy and abundance!
I love and appreciate who I am.
I am a blessing to the world.
Life is great.
Life is full of wonderful surprises.
Life is a great adventure!


What people have to say about the Uplift Your Spirit Gem Elixir

"Thank you for Uplift the Spirit Gem Elixir.
I was feeling in such a bad mood and I wasn't sure if these feelings were mine or I picked them up from others.
I sprayed the Gem Elixir over my left eye which was in pain due to emotional stress and
I felt incredible instant relief.
That lead me to do one of your meditations and the entire day has changed into a positive uplifting day.
I cannot thank you enough.- L. T. "

Uplift Your Spirit Gem Elixir Not Available


***All Gemstones Elixirs are for external use only***

~Remember to Enjoy the Sunshine Every Day :-) ~


For greater results we suggest to use Uplift Your Spirit Gem Elixir with the Heart Chakra Orgone Pendant

Heart chakra- "center of devotion and transformation" -
"that which cannot be created"

~~Real Love can never be created from outside,
it happens inside you~~

Heart the most vital human organ radiates thousand times more electromagnetic waves than the brain.

Heart Chakra (Anahata), is located in the heart region. It is the core of emotional being, the balance point of the entire system is associated with love, compassion and empathy.

When fourth chakra is weakened or imbalanced one might experience feelings of fear, anger jealousy and hate. It is locked when you seek love and attention from others, instead of looking for love inside.

When fourth chakra is balanced, it becomes the source of love, confidence and inspiration (in spirit). This chakra flowers when one experiences self love without expecting anything in return.


Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

What is ORGONE?

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Heart Chakra Orgone Pendant (amulet) is a POWERFUL energy booster (ENERGY STOREHOUSE) which is designed to help:

* transform negative to positive energy

* create inner harmony and friendship, combating envy and resentment

* release blockages and suppressed emotions in the heart center

* combat melancholy, depression and sadness

* promote tranquility, calm, peace and patience

* protect heart center, shielding heart vampirism

* enhance all forms of love, platonic, romantic, self love, humanity love, mother love, divine love

* balance male/female energies, promoting creativity

* balance and align the subtle bodies

* enhance compassion and serenity

* facilitate emotional releases, promoting empathy and understanding

* reduce stress, aggression, anger and jealousy

* restore life energy in the heart center

* getting rid of fear, doubt, denial

* promote healing, inspiring renewal, relaxation and intuition

* release toxins, enhancing immune system, reducing chronic fatigue

* aid heart and circulatory system of
your heart again for aligning with the pendant’s protection frequencies


~I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet. ~Mahatma Gandhi


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