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Love Orgone Pendant

"LOVE-LOVE-LOVE - this is a potent force"

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

Broken heart and loneliness can make ones life dull and miserable.

The prerequisite to being loved is to love yourself.

Like attracts like and love attracts love.

Love is the ultimate nourishment of the soul.


Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''

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What is Orgone


Love orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

promote self acceptance and self love

* to forgive oneself and others

* promote spiritual love

* attract true, kind love
, romance and passion

* attract a "soul mate"

* provide assurance and trust in love

* dissolve love blockages, heal "broken heart" and emotional "wounds"

enhance love life and revitalize feelings

* balance relationships

* open heart center

* increase empathy

The essential oils and herbs chosen for this pendant are well known for their powerful resonance with the frequency of LOVE.
The gemstones selected for this pendant will help open you up to unconditional love and peace, overcoming negative thoughts and attitudes.
The Solfegio frequencies infused in this pendant help dissolve love blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to the flow of love into your life.
The water used for the pendant is strongly charged, keeping the LOVE frequencies active.

With positive thoughts of LOVE on your part, you will find ways to get the Universe to attract your soul mate into your life.

Love Affirmations:
I accept and love myself exactly as I am.
I am a radiating love at all times.
Love comes to me easily and effortlessly.
I am ready to love again and I welcome love into my life.
I am worthy. I deserve love.
Love is good for me. I am happy.

Place your love orgone pendant under your pillow while sleeping to reinforce its effects.

Love orgone pendant meditation:

Sit crossleged or in a chair spending few minutes meditating with your pendant both in the morning upon waking or before going to sleep or anytime you want to get your frequencies aligned with pendant's vibrations.
While thinking loving thoughts, smiling and thanking the Universe for what comes to mind:
* touch or rub the soles of your feet with the pendant for clearing Earth star and centers in the legs, getting more grounded, more stable and more balanced
* touch or rub your heart center with the pendant infusing the love frequency
* touch or rub your brow and then crown centers to relax and open your mind to receive thoughts and ideas on love, adjusting your vibrational frequency
* touch or rub the palms of your hands with the pendant dissolving the blocks of love at cellular level
* touch or rub the center of your heart again for aligning with the pendant’s frequencies

Trust the process of attracting love into your life.

The elixirs are in harmony with high vibrational orgone -- there is a natural synergy created between the two forces that cut through illusions and expedite our growth cycles.

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"The heart that loves is always young." ~ Greek Proverb

What people have to say about Love Orgone Pendant


"I am loving the Love Orgone Pendant.
I have been wearing it around my neck & also putting it under my pillow.
I am feeling more confident in myself.
I jotted down the affirmation from your website, it's nice & it's easy to remember,
thank you!
Even the first sentence repeated a couple of times I feel keeps me in a positive frame of mind.
I have been receiving comments on how nice the pendant is,
one lady immediately asked me if it was a generator.
Warm Regards, Jody"


"Oh Lilly... deep gratitude for you and your part in yet another HUGE transformation... I have been working on self love, allowing love... for a while now. Much healing has occurred. I decided to gift myself your LOVE orgone pendant, feeling ready to accept love. Hahahahahahaha! I should know better I wore it for a week and a situation I have been procrastinating changing became glaringly apparent as not only blocking love from my life, but also enabling another person to hide from the truth, and her own reality and things to deal with. I broke down, ready to run away and hide, but instead decided to ask for help from spiritual friends. I removed the LOVE pendant, and started wearing the MANIFESTATION orgone you recently offered. I immediately felt calmer. Facing and dealing with this eviction of a friend who is not serving the highest good is in progress right now.
I am supported, I am loved, and I know that it's time to change this pattern of enabling others. I reclaim my power and act with love and compassion... in a whole new powerful way. These 2 pendants popped up for me at the perfect time.
I now have 4 of your pendants and the foot chakra balancers.
Your orgone has been instrumental in many awakenings and shifts in my life. Thank you..." ~ Andrea


Hello Lilly,
In the past, I have never been sensitive to the energies of similar tools. Yet as I received my first order a love (orgone) pendant from you well, just unwrapping it placed me in a state of calm\peace and the more I placed my focused intent on it, I could feel my heart center reacting to it. Of course, this experience is only relevant to my own soul purpose yet I was pleasantly surprised because of previous experiences. There are other products coming forth from you and am excited to share these with others as an extension of your service. With much Love and Light, Aaron


Dear Lilly,
I just want to tell you that I got my Love Orgone Pendant yesterday and Wow! Before I opened the package yesterday, I kind of meditated a bit and I could feel a warm energy through my hands, so I was so eager and put it on. When the pendant hang nearby my heart, I could feel my heart beated in a calm and magick way. I felt at peace and it was daytime at my living room. So peace and calm and then I fell asleep. Thank you." Marcelle L, Sweden


I just want you to know that I was very happy with the shipping process and that I absolutely love the "love orgone pendant"! It is truly beautiful and I can feel its energy. Blessings, Alexis


Love Orgone Pendant

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