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9 Ways to Protect Yourself, Your House and Dear Ones

Sensitive, psychic, empathtic people and light workers are more vulnerable to being “targeted” by negative energies. The more you raise your vibrations the more protected you will be and eventually your energy field will be so strong that negative vibes won’t be able to penetrate this field anymore.

Protection involves building a field of energy around yourself, your house, your family. There are many ways to protect yourself. I will list what I have used in the past and still use when energies are a little out of whack. Those ways also worked great for others I helped along the years and hope they will work for you.

Here are 9 ways to use for Psychic Protection

1. Smudging with herbs

Smudging is burning the herb to create a cleansing smoke bath that can be used for purification purposes, protecting as well as healing. Palo Santo Wood (Holy Wood) is a sacred wood used by shamans in Peru and indigenous people of the Andes for medicinal purposes, purifying, cleansing and to get rid of evil spirits.
Herbs to use in smudging: sage, cedar, pine.

2. Crystals and Gemstones or Gem Elixirs

Onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, amethyst, tiger eye, quartz crystals. They are used for protection from psychic attack, danger, emotional distress, oversensitivity and empathy.

You can create your own gemstone and crystal elixirs or essences. The best time to do it is on a New Moon. Here is an article on how to create your own elixirs. I like to use the Aura Gem Elixir, spray over my body and crown chakra to cleanse my aura.


3. Orgone - (life force generating)

Orgone has multiple functionality including deflecting negative energies, creating a protective energy field around your aura and environment. They serve as a shield helping in deflecting electromagnetic frequencies and any harmful pollution.

Grid your property with 4 orgone protectors in the four corners of your property to protect against harmful unseen energies and ground spiritual energies. Orgone Amulet of protection helps protect against "bad vibes", "psychic attacks", "evil eye" and "emotional pollution", EMF and more…


4. Candles

Candles help you clear negative energy from your home as well as great tool for manifesting. (white, red and dark blue colors are great for self protection as well as house protection).


5. Incense and Resins

Many cultures use fragrant incenses made from natural substances to purify and cleanse the atmosphere of temples, homes, environment.
I love to use Myrrh, Dragon blood, Frankincense, Musk, Sage, Sandalwood.

6. Oils

There are numerous different types of protection oils including Benzoin and Dragon’s Blood.
They can be burn in oil warmers or diffusers.

7. Baths for and Protection and Purification

Steep a teaspoon or two of basil or clove in a cup of boiling water, and strain out the herb.
Add it to you bath water for a protective and cleansing influence. You can also add to your bath about ½ cup of sea salt.
It is useful to clean off energies left after contacting people who are negative or controlling.

8. Holy Water

There are many sources of powerful charged water: medicine wells, shrines, blessed water from monasteries and shrines. Water simply holds energy and is a very powerful tool of protection and healing. Zam Zam water is very powerful in deflecting harmful energies. Sprinkle few drops of any charged or holy water around your house, your altar if you have one and on you. Pay more attention to corners of your house.

9. Protection Chants and Prayers

Any prayers or chants work as long as are from the heart, using passion, intensity and determination.

Here is an example:

“Protect me with all your might

Goddess gracious day and night”

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