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Emails get lost sometimes. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) we probably did not get your email, so try emailing us back.
Please check your spam box as some of our emails end up in your spam folder.

For unique orgone products please include in your email your full name, date of birth and any emotional or health issues.


  • All International Orders will be shipped via US Post Office since this is the most economical and reliable. However USPS do not provide tracking numbers for standard International mails.
  • If you would like your package to be insured and order be shipped with tracking number please let us know. Otherwise you will assume ALL responsibility for your order once we post it into the International Postal System.  We cannot make any refunds on orders shipped overseas. If your order is lost, stolen, ripped open or items are missing, etc   No refunds!
  • We are not responsible for any delays in mail after we have shipped your order
  • Most international orders reach customers within 1-2 weeks.
  • Different countries charge different custom fees. We are not responsible if there are any custom fees charges that you might have to pay in your country.

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