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Gallery of Life Force Orgone Creations ~ Conscious Hand Made Spiritual Jewelry


UNIQUE Healing Orgone Pendant

This empowered healing jewel is unique, custom made for you specifically.

No two unique healing pendants are alike, like no two people are alike.

It is a powerful energy healing session that is captured in your pendant and stays with you at all times.

This unique orgone creation is an energy generator and a broadcaster that assist you with healing, strengthening auric field, protection and much more...

It reduces and/or blocks the effects of electromagnetic pollution and stress, increasing psychic and mental abilities, focus and concentration.

The high vibrational gemstones and crystals in the pendant are channeled during the creation of the pendant session. They are chosen for your specific emotional or health problems, date of birth and name.

Your life path number in numerology represent your talents and gifts you were born with.
Numerology is used to make sure your inborn gifts are enhanced.

The powerful mixture of holy waters from around the world including zam zam water used in this pendant increase the power of the pendant. The essential oils, vibrational magickal gemstone elixirs, sacred resins and herbs, high healing vibrations used in the making help open the consciousness to higher dimensions of existence and subtle living.

The pendant is blessed and fortified with spiritual powers, secret esoteric knowledge and shamanic practices for personal empowerment. It will bring to you powerful cosmic forces that will assist the purpose and intention of the pendant, the energies that have been encapsulated are being broadcasted in the holographic universe. Its vibration radiates in all directions constantly while you go about your day. Their silent effects remain constant while worn and help move you towards your true well being and desires.

When you place your order please send us a brief email including your name, date of birth and a specific request for your healing condition or any emotional problem you want to work on.

What people have to say about the Unique Healing Pendants:


Hey Lilly, I wanted to give you another customer review/testimony for the Unique Pendant (orgone)
"Amazing, Lilly's services and help has produced a Major amplification in my life in so many areas that I can only thank and experience a whole new life caused by the help and unique service of Lilly.
Truely the unique pendant has been personalized specifically for me, I love it! At first i didn't realize the difference it had been making until I finally sat and meditated on how I used to live and thought how I was currently living like a complete everymoment bliss of sober ecstasy!
Thank you so much, everyone needs to have a CUSTOM pendant. Awesome-!" (From Your Friend: Brandon Block)


"WOW! Lovely packaging, felt like Xmas I'm just blown away at how gorgeous my pendant is, it looks powerful indeed.
I'm VERY impressed by the amount of different energies and vibrations that you squeezed into this beauty (Much more than I was expecting and for that, I'm grateful).
Thanks Lilly! You truly outdid yourself! I'm happy you decided not to keep it for your self.
With Gratitude, Liza"


Its been some time but not too long since I ordered the unique orgone healing pendant for my mom. My mom really loves the pendant and since then she's been going through a detox on many levels, which is the most crucial step in any complete healing. My mom has a stronger resolve and she is on her way to better health. I'm so grateful for the healing you put into her pendant, I let her open it and so I didn't see what it looked like but I could feel the healing vibrating out of the package when I brought it from the mail.
Which is also a recent development since using your orgone creations, I've even started to see auras
! Ashley"


"I think the custom healing pendant has helped dramatically clean acne, which was already on its way to slowly being cleaned from all my other orgone purchases, or was being healed from your prayers before even receiving the custom pendant. Keith"


"Lovely Lilly, the special (unique) pendant you made for me for the creative center is AMAZING. I connected with it last night and wrote/recorded/created a concept for the musical project I've been meaning to do for a long time. It helped me a lot. I was able to infuse the music with the energies I wanted (I put pictures, feelings from mountains and water and forests in there) and play well. Yay!! Thanks again, for being you, wonderful healer." ~ Megan - Germany"


"Dear Lilly, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for the pendant. I wear it all the time, day and night. This last 1,5 weeks have been a turningpoint for me and I still do not know what has really happended. I have struggled this year to find myself a job and now in a very short period of time I have two. One job I got immediately and the other I will hopefully start next year. It is amazing. Thank God. And thank you for your help and for this beautiful pendant. It is valuble to me. Lots of Blessings and love from Angelica"


"Hi Lilly, I just received my new orgone pendant and OMG I love it!!!  Thank you so much for all the time you took to make it on my behalf  and responding to my needs.  I have been wearing the pendant from the first empowerment for over a year every day to work and now I am so happy to have a new one to switch back and forth with. The other one is a bit dull now from wearing compared to this one but I love it all the same. Your orgone and pendants are unmatched and I am so thankful to own them.  
What POWER indeed!
This could not have come at a better time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Angela"


"Hi Lilly, Got our pendants today, and love them! Mom's knee had been hurting and within a few minutes the pain was gone! They're hard to put down, actually... Everyone asked about the pendant today. Best, G."


"Hi Lily, I received the package, and it was the most intense orgone experience I've had up to now, amazing! Blocked energy is on the move finally, and I am currently integrating it. I am more aware, more in touch. My sense of smell has really improved in this time, I notice, I can feel my spine, and my shoulders are more in place.  I am so grateful for your help, and am consistently amazed by orgone." X X


"Dear Lilly,
Since I started wearing the unique orgone pendant, my breast isn't swollen and painful.  Amazing! Laurie L"


"Dear Lilly,
You’d love this! I noticed a breast lump which was movable, so I decided put the pendant (with charged water) you sent me, to work. I placed the pendant over that lump during meditation or while watching TV. Guess what? The lump is gone!!!!
What a miracle!

Thank you for your great creations and the work you do. C. M."


"Lily, When I first put it on (orgone healing pendant) it was like a hug. When I touch it I get a nice warm feeling. OMG! Amazing.... Thank you so much for helping me. ~ A.H."


"Hi Lilly, I just received my pendant. I love it, I love it!!! It feels amazing and I can really feel it and WOW! My Goodness is so powerful, it's perfect, I love it! Thank you so much for doing this work! S B"


"Your pendant gave me very impressive feelings. I have never felt like this before.
I was thrilled, and my intuition expanded
. ~ K"


"Hi Lilly, I just got the pendant in the mail.  Although I have not worn it to work yet, I could feel it immediately.  The soul retrieval work I had been doing has removed the barier that as a man I had built to shield myself from my feelings.  I am in fact highly empathic and everything that I had held back over many years had been coming back to the surface.  Wearing this pendant has really helped to balance things out.  I had not been aware of this when I first made the order.  So thank you. Pat"


Dear Lilly,
"I am very grateful to have my beautiful pendant.  Thank you so much for creating it for me and for the list of what you included.  I did extensive research on each element and am absolutely amazed and impressed by the care you took to make this powerful healer.  I was so excited when I received it and I immediately felt a deep connection to it (it resonates a very loving and peaceful energy).  I have used it on my hand for carpal tunnel, have used it for a cord removal and have meditated with it on various Chakras since I have received it.  I feel so much better emotionally and physically in such a short time.  I feel like a dark foggy cloud has been lifted from me.  I am happier and more at peace and am finally able to meditate without my mind wandering all over the place.   I have already had people asking me what it is and how they can get one.  One lady said she was “drawn to it”.  I searched all over the internet for the “perfect” Orgonite and after a couple of hours I found your site and immediately KNEW “this is it!”  My husband is not at all in tune with energy or anything like it but he smiled and said it is very nice when he held it.  He also loves the way it smells (I do too).  I am most curious to see how it will affect my finances since you included a lot of very lucky money elements!  Thank you so much for doing that.  You are a blessing to others and a gift to this earth.  Keep up the good work. Much love and tons of blessings to you, Lila"


"Hey Lilly, I received your pendants for my Birthday and they are fantastic. I wear my personal pendant everyday and I love it, and it has already helped me transform my thoughts and intentions and only good things have happened since I have received them. You are great, and your products are wonderful. Many blessings, Pete"


"I do feel that the pendant unraveled/is still clearing some paternal and maternal generational hexes and curses, i have been attracting some new clients into my life who are helping me, and i feel blessed.
She says that she feels a positive energy, when she is wearing your pendant.I wish all the people could experience positive dramatic changes, with those divine and healing weapons.I searched about orgonite devices on ebay and i noticed that you are the only person that makes powerful orgone devices. K, Greece"


the healing pendant is wonderful! I came home in the afternoon, completely drained and tired.
The pendant was in the mail when I got home. I put it on and curled up on my bed to rest and suddenly I felt warm energy moving up my spinal column. After 20-30 minutes the exhaustion I felt was gone - I felt completely rejuvenated as though I had rested all night and had a shower! The phone rang and something had occurred that called for me to be hurled right back into downtown Washington DC at rush hour. Normally when I felt this fatigued it would have been impossible for me to continue my day.
However, I popped up raced downtown, took care of business and ended up walking everywhere downtown going to shops and bookstores. When I finally arrived at home about 9pm I still had an abundance of energy. The unique healing pendant helped me tremendoulsy. Thank you!! Chezah"


What is also included with your unique healing orgone pendant:

* information on all the gemstones, crystals and energies used in the creation of your pendant

* channeled messages during the creation of your unique pendant

* free shipping anywhere in the world

* extra blessings and healing prayers before shipping it out

Unique Healing Orgone Pendant:

(including s&h anywhere in the world)

The unique healing pendant is usually shipped 20 business days
(weekends and holidays excluded)
after the order has been placed.

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More Healing and Spiritual Orgone (Life Force) Tools

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8'' each

All energy comes from the source and not own being.

Grounding is connecting with Earth and the universe around us.

Feeling ungrounded, unearthed, drained, fatigued? Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

Feet chakras balancers (orgone) keep one grounded and connected to earth, and create a protective filed around feet that will block the intrusion of unwanted energies (entities) into ones energy filed. It also seems that once feet energy centers are unblocked, the root chakra (where kundalini shakti resides) that is associated with abundance, grounding, instinct, security, manifestation becomes balanced and stable.

Read More

Orgone chakra balancers (OCB) set of 7


When an imbalance in the chakras is created, the energy flows less in the chakras or out of the chakras, creating blocks in the chakras. If a chakra is not active and function well, the flow of energy between chakras is affected, causing problems for our body, mind and spirit. Read more about chakras' blockages here.

Energy blockages are the main culprits for mental, physical, emotional problems.



Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency and has a special duty. Each orgone chakra balancer is made of a combination of fiberglass resin and metal chips, a strong charged and holy waters from around the world including zam zam water (which keeps the orgone matrix pure) crystals and gemstones chosen carefully for a particular chakra.


The vibration of orgone chakra balancers help activating, clearing, balancing and charging the chakras, rebalancing and harmonizing the natural ability to heal emotionally and physically. They promote peace and relaxation and sometimes induce OBE?s (out of body experiences).

If you feel tense or feel a block in one of your chakras, simply place an appropriate orgone chakra balancer (OCB) on that particular chakra for at least 15 minutes, relaxing deeply. Some people reported that when holding an OCB in the palm they could feel vibration in that hand as well as that particular chakra.

Orgone chakra balancer Exercise (with diagram): here

They are great powerful tools for healers, distant healers, energy workers, yogis and yoghinis, meditators, shamans, and people who want peace and healing in their lives. For distant healing draw the body of the healee on a piece of paper and place the OCB's on the appropriate chakras and leave them until the healing session is done or until you feel it is done.


What people have to say about Orgone Chakra Balancers



"Dear Lilly,
Many Thanks orgone chakra balancers, like all of the orgone I've purchased from you they've been very helpful.
Since I started using them my sinuses and my throat have been clearing up for the first time since months maybe even a year before I ever stumbled onto your website, I've also found that my abilty to remember my dreams has been increased for at least a night or to following each use. They've been working what I once would have considered wonders and now consider futher reason to question many of the ever lower looking standards I've been taught to hold about what life, pain, and healing, should look like." ~ T.P.

my right side was really blocked and used the OCBs (orgone chakra balancers) to clear and move some of the stagnant dead wind. I love the OCB's lilly they have really helped to move the energy, I could feel it moving specially in my feet where I put the root one and my forehead where I put the 3rd eye one, and there was less pressure in my sinus canals, and that it why my ears are blocked. Thank you Lilly you are a great friend I was sending you blessings whilst using them for creating making and providing them ;) you are an angel on earth! xxxxxxx



Meditating with the OCB's (orgone chakra balancers) from you I noticed that I am very calm and there is crazy amount of activity in my third eye". ~ K.C.


"Dear Lilly,
That's not the only life changing experience I've had with the stuff you've sent me
. Not long after receiving the orgone chakra balancers, I meditated with them... It was quite a ride. I have to admit it felt as if someone was helping me along the way, pushing me to do what I needed to do. Needless to say, the next day I felt refreshed (thanks to your chakra balancers), but I also felt like there was a positive buzz coming off of me, and no one could do anything to change that positivity.
You've provided me with information and tools that I need to help myself evolve, and I don't think I could ever re-pay you guys for that. T.L."


" Lovely Lilly,
I am more amazed with the chakra balanecrs everyday. I can't thank you enough. M.L."


"Wonderful Lilly,
I noticed two really interesting things since using the orgone chakra balancers. 1)while meditating, I went astrally to the general area I gifted with the orgone mini you sent, and I was so AWARE. 2) I found I can directly create the atmosphere while teaching, in the room. I had a group of three very kind and lovely ladies, and felt we together had made such an atmosphere of GRACE, and I could facilitate it with my teaching. They said afterward they learned so much. That was just what I aimed for (that they learn a lot and felt good afterwards, confident in their abilities). It's all getting better and better everyday. Thank you for being a friend and guiding light along this path!! ~M"


Orgone Chakra Balancers (OCB's) set of 7

Orgone Chakra balancers testimonials









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