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Q: What is Orgone (Orgonite)?

ORGONE... known as prana, life force, ki, chi, universal energy, etc
Orgone creations known also as 'orgonite' are simply energy storehouses. The energy they store is spiritual energy, energy that nurtures your being, your soul. When your energy is low the recharging happens fast.
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Q: Why some of your orgone creations are different or slightly different from one shown in the pictures?

These pieces are hand made and small “imperfections” are naturally a part of what makes them powerful and beautiful. We strive for wholness and balance and not perfection.

What you see at Natures-Blessings is an entirely unique and original work of art.
We always improve the quality by adding more power and high vibrational “ingredients” such as high quality gemstones, elixirs and charged water.

Since all our products are hand made there are no two pieces identical.
They are unique in their own ways, rest assured that you will received exactely the one the Universe has intended for you.

Q: Some of the pendants or other orgone products are accompanied by meditations techniques or mantras. Are they necessary?

They are optional.

Orgone creations are powerful spiritual and healing transmissions. They have strong affirmations and prayers vibrations captured in them during the creation process that remain encapsulated in them. When you align with their vibration by just simply stating an affirmation with powerful intention, feeling the energy of that affirmation or declaration miracles happen. Most of the time subconscious mind and or higher consciousness is already aligned with the orgone creation as people are drawn to them for a very good reason.

A lot of times people feel the energy of their unique orgone creations during the process of creation, and report the experiences had as being very strong sometimes outwardly.


Q: You have so many pendants, cones and other orgone creations featured on your website. I cannot decide which one to get and would you recommend more then one orgone product?


Yes we do.
In fact the orgone creations that we offer work synergistically (synergistic effect happens when more orgone creations work together to produce massive results). When you saturate your aura and environment with orgone (life essence) you will notice radical results in your life. If you want massive results in one area of your life for example relationships and love you want to focus on LOVE, if you want to focus on abundance you want to work with the energies of prosperity and so on…


Q: “I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me so far. I REALLY am hoping that this will work. Generally in the past, nothing has worked. If yours does not, will you kindly consider sending me another one in exchange until I find one that does?”

Orgone does WORK! They are powerful channeled information from the Source and there is a lot of work that goes in one pendant: not only physical, but spiritual knowledge as well. The testimonials speak for themselves.

Ask yourself honestly this question: Are you ready to change? If you think that you cannot change, then you are probably right. If you think that you are a victim of other people's energy or negativity than you are probably right. If you think there is nothing you can do in your life, you are probably right. But if you think this way, rethink again this time from a deep understanding that comes from your heart and not your brain. I have witnessed myself and others change for the better in the most remarkable ways, in the presence of pure high vibrational "orgone" life force.

People notice great results in the physical dimension and people that are more sensitive experience massive results in subtle realms that reflected in this "reality". Results might also come in ways you do not expect.

We cannot offer returns or exchanges as our products are handmade and require profound energetic work. They are unique in their own way and once the item was accustomed with the new owner's energy, we cannot transfer it to someone else. We like to offer new fresh products to our customers. Our orgone products are hand made with love, sacred knowledge and integrity. They are created in a sacred space to serve the highest purpose of each customer.

If you are willing to do work on yourself we make a solemn promise guaranteed these spiritual tools will help you tremendously in your spiritual advancement.

Q: I bought orgonite from others and so far yours is the most powerful orgone, can you explain why?

Orgone/orgonite is more then a crystal, resin and metals put together, it is also spiritual energy. Unfortunately we have seen how others make their creations and some of them do not use any kind of spiritual energy in the creation of their orgonite products.

Our orgone products are created in a very high spiritual Sacred Space invoking the highest spiritual energies: Creator, elements, angels, archangels, dolphins, whales, shamans and healers, guides for protection, healing energies, love, psychic energies etc. We use prayers and meditations to maintain the sacredness of energies embedded in orgone throughout the duration of creating our orgone. We also use sacred high vibrational “ingredients“ gathered from sacred places on earth, including holy water from different shrines around the world.

The orgone will held the highest and purest vibration that is encapsulated during the creation.

Read more about The Science behind Orgone Blessings (life force generators).

Q: Does size matter? For my purposes, would an abundance coin be as potent as an abundance cone?

How much prosperity you want in your life? What is the limitation of your mind?

A small piece (orgone coin) works as your energy aligns with it, from the mental perspective.

From the 3rd dimension perspective a cone would work better as orgone generates life force and there is no such thing as too much of a life force. So both will work, depending on the alignment of your energies with orgone's energies and limitations of your mind.

I work with an abundance and prosperity cone in my meditations and have abundance and prosperity coins everywhere (purse, abundance corner, front door, altar etc) cause my intention is to saturate my environment with abundance vibes.

These are powerful tools that help us learn, grow evolve and expand spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially etc...

Whatever you choose I am sure is the best choice...just the fact that you want a small coin means that you are ready to manifest abundance in your life... small steps are usually better then large ones if subconscious mind is not programmed for big (success) in your life.


Q: Could you tell me if say for example would the Third eye Orgone still protect you against EMF as well as enhance psychic abilities etc.

All orgone creations are designed for protection, including EMF (radiations). If you want to focus on EMF (radiation) only then we suggest the radiation deflector products.

Why the purpose for many products, because being specific enables to achieve great results. Specificity is key.

Sometimes thoughts, intentions might cancel each other if the universe doesn’t understand you clearly. That’s why I suggest wearing a pendant or working with one intention at a time.


Orgone is life force energy -- healing energy. Wilhelm Reich has reinvented the term orgone. The research he conducted about orgone and the results using orgone are phenomenal. He used blankets of orgone for people with cancer with great results.


More about unique healing orgone products:

Q: Does Orgone work with other healing procedures (i.e. acupuncture)?

Yes orgone works in harmony with any of the healing procedures as it works vibrational.

It has been documented that orgone attracts all sort of wild life, animals, people, plants will grow faster and healthier in the presence of orgone and so on... Our experiences with orgone were only powerful, abundant and joyful... You can check amazing orgone testimonials from many people around the world.

Q: Can you disclose the gemstones and crystals in any of the orgone products?

We disclose the gemstones and crystals for the unique healing orgone pendant.

Q: Can orgone treat my autistic child?

Only the medical professionals can diagnose, treat and cure. However orgone, chi/life force/energy/essence can help speed up the healing process. We suggest to look at people’s testimonials.


Q: Should I ever clean or clear the orgone(s) I bought from you?
 If so, how would I do this?

No the orgone does not need cleaning or clearing as it has highly charged water inside and it is continuously being cleansed and recharged. We never cleanse them. However if you feel like it needs cleaning put it under running water, just make sure you don't immerse the string in water as its leather. Or you can leave it on the Earth, leave outside under New Moon's or Full Moon's Rays. But again it is not necessary. At time pendants might want a boost from you (interaction) to remind you about life force and your purpose. Here is a link for working with your orgone(s).

Q: After how long can I feel the results of wearing or using your products?

It all depends on how fast you align with subtle energy. Some people feel the vibrations as soon as they receive their products, some people feel the vibrations (for unique products) even during the phase of creation of their product as energies run very high, opening the level of communication and alignment with their unique products. Some people won’t feel the energy at all, although very small percent. That doesn’t mean the orgone product doesn’t work, it works on very subtle levels and you don’t have to be energy sensitive to feel the effects. In time you will notice results that your analytical mind might not acknowledge them but as soon as you start tuning into your heart’s intelligence you will KNOW the level of assistance those tools brought forth for you.

Q: How do I activate my orgone pendant?

Our orgone products do not need activation. They are already activated. However you need to activate your energies and get in sync with orgone pendant's frequencies for a greater boost from your pendant by just using a simple technique that you can find it here

Q: Do any of these orgone products have negative polarity if so are there any long term affects to be concerned about?

Our orgone products do not have or produce negative polarity. They work more on the subtle bodies, with results being reflected in the physical body. It all depends from individual to individual how they align with the energy of the orgone (it is perceived more as a spiritual tool that will help manifesting and attracting all that you need in your life). In very rare cases people mentioned overwhelming or discomfort: that is due to either too much energy being transferred to their aura (energy field) (more than their capacity to hold life force energy) or high levels of pollution of the body in particular subtle bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual etc) being detoxed, but again that happens on rare occasions. If that happens we suggest backing off and wearing orgone on and off until the body aligns with its energy.

Q: I am so attracted to Natures-Blessings orgone products? Why is that?”

Orgone products are my spiritual life experience embedded in these creations.
Anyone with a Serious spiritual, well being and health pursuit will be attracted and interested in these energies that emanate from our powerful orgone creations because of the many layers of subtle energy that help purify, cleanse and balance the chakras, subtle bodies and the physical body.
Working with energies is the master key in spiritual evolution and can cut decades from time to reach awakening and well being.

Q: " I want to choose a pendant and there are so many that I am attracted to."

We strongly suggest use your intuition in choosing the orgone tool for yourself. Why? Because this way you are entering the intuition zone and force yourself to use it. Close your eyes and ask the question what orgone creation is good for me right now? Let your heart and higher self decide. You will be receiving and answer either immediately or in the next day. Work with its vibration and then when ready choose another one that calls to you. If that still doesn't work then I will be happy to choose one for you, but REMEMBER you get more powerful once you tap into your intuitive powers.

Q: "Is it ok to wear more than one pendant at the same time?"

Yes you can wear more then one orgone pendant at the time. The more orgone (life force) in your presence the better. There is not such a "too much of life force" in ones energy field. However for some very sensitive people it might be over empowering at first, so adjust accordingly. Wearing more then one pendant will attune you to their different energies. Just make sure you adjust the length of the string on the pendants (one should be lower then the other so they don’t chip if they touch each other).

Q: "Can I wear my orgone pendant with other crystals or spiritual amulets (tools)?"

Yes. Orgone works in harmony with other crystals and gemstones or other spiritual tools, it creates a synergistic field and amplifies the energies around.


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