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Canceling Etherically Man-Made/Evil Contracts


This evil contract cancelation insight came when women warriors group were in a boosting chat session.
My psychic seeing was guiding us to a lady (spiritual guide) who gave us "pen and paper" to cancel all the evil/man-made contracts we have signed in this life or previous lives.

This contract helps protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations, reclaiming sovereignty over psysical body and subtle body, empowering energetic field, listening to only God's and intuitive guidance, bringing peace of mind, being true to yourself.

Treat this cancellation with respect and thank our spiritual guide for making it available to all of us. Many people that have signed this cancellation benefited tremendously, noticing and feeling great relief.

Cancel Evil Contracts Here


"Dear Lilly,
I wanted to tell you, I came across the cancelling evil contracts agreement and I was very attracted to it.
Finally I read it as if I was committing to it and , to my astonishment ..some strange and very unpleasant heaviness that had been on my spirit....'lifted' off.......and has stayed off... what was that? I have since printed and signed it..........Thank you for making it available. ~ L.C."

"It was amazing as I started to plug in my name and read each paragraph out-loud, I started to feel this indescribable weight lift from me but it wasn't just one huge weight it was more like it was in layers. Each one lifted from me until it felt like I was floating. I actually looked down to still see if I was still sitting on my bed or not. It was wonderful! :)
~ Joann S."



Along with this contract we suggest wearing the protection orgone pendant to keep your aura clean free of any psychic attacks and negativity and also the set of feet chakra balancers that work hard during the night to keep you stable, positive and protected while detoxing and healing the body.

Cancel Evil Contracts Here


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