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Orgone Implant NEUTRALIZER


Implants not only create damage to etheric body but also to physical body and interfere with the general health. They can block ones abilities (psychic), interfere with the flow of energy in the body as well as aura, throw one off balance, disabling one physically and mentally, create weird behavior, anxiety, fear, depression, anger. Read more here

What type of implants?

- physical implants
- etheric implants
- (found in auric layers)

Why implants?

-mainly to block ones abilities (intuition/psychic)
-interfere with the flow of energy in the body as well as aura
-manipulation/control purposes
-surveillance, tracking
-throw one off balance, disabling one physically and mentally
-create weird behavior, anxiety, fear, depression, anger
-deplete the immune system
-develop illnesses, terminal diseases, heart attacks
-develop mutation of cells resulting in disease


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Orgone Implant Neutralizer is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* neutralize and remove the unwanted energy implants form physical and subtle bodies

* protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations

* ground spiritual energies

* strenghten and repair aura after implant neutralizing

* cleanse negative energies, replacing them with loving energies

* increase well-being

* protect against and eliminate psychic attack

* speed up the healing process

The essential oils, high vibrational gemstones and crystals, powerful elixirs, energized holy water from around the world, sound frequencies, sacred herbs chosen for this orgone blessing tool hold a very powerful vibration of protection against implants.
The gemstones and crystals selected for this orgone tool will help neutralize etheric implants and heal the aura after safe removal.
The Solffegio frequencies infused help dissolve negative blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to the flow of positive vibrations.
The water used for this tool is strongly charged, keeping the protection and healing frequencies active.

Protection affirmations: I live in a protected and safe environment. God protects me every day, in every way.
I feel safe and protected. I am divinely protected and guided. I am surrounded by peace. I am loved. I am in control at all times. I am surrounded by a powerful circle of Divine Substance that protects and strengthens me.


How to work with your orgone tool
Before you start, take few deep breaths and set your intention very clear, say a prayer. Have faith. You can also burn some incense or light a candle.
Hold your orgone tool in your dominant hand and feel its vibrations increasing. Place the orgone implant neutralizer on the area that you think an implant might be, or area that needs healing or it's in pain. Start rotating (circling) the implant neutralizer over it. Keep breathing deeply and gentle from the belly. Do the rotation movement for 3-5 minutes or as much as you need it and then leave the implant neutralizer on the area you have worked on for a few more minutes while you relax breathing deeply.

What people have to say about the Orgone Implant Neutralizer


""Thank you for the orgone products.
This email is to let you know my success of using your products.
When I first held them, I did not feel much.
After putting on the protection pendant, I started to feel more secure around myself.
When I place the Implant Neutraliser on the top of my head for the first time, it was such an overwhelming experience!
It was hard to breathe and whole head tightened. The product was kinda absorbing all "stuff" away from my head!
Then the amazing thing happened; I felt that clarity came back to me, I was lighter.
Subsequently as the day went by I placed the product on side of temple,
above my ears, and especially the back of my head, I could hear popping
when each of the implant was neutralized
Then it was relief that came after.
I am very thankful! The implants have been there for a few months! After
using your products I felt relieved and back to being myself.
~ Iris"


Hi, I purchased the Orgone implant Neutralizer to decrease arthritis pain as relief
of pain was mentioned in the reviews.
Joint pain was decreased when rest accompanied use of orgonite.
Got better relief than taking Motrin"
~ Jean M.


"Even thinking about implants when I read about them on your site made
my face break out in pain.
Within minutes of receiving the orgone devices, my legs went crazy.
So I have been using the implant neutraliser every day and the pains are going away.
It has been a bit scary as the shifting energies were more volatile than usual.
Thank you so much for your great work and for making these orgone devices so readily available.
Love and Light, Ann


I really think the implant neutralizer is the most amazing thing I have right now.
I actually had it facing outward for a long time, since the gems appear to be closer to the flat/bigger area, i.e. the reverse orientation of all the pendants, so I would press the bigger side all about. But now I don't feel much power from that side, yet the other side is absolutely immense.
I'm not even sure why. I want to buy another one sometime, down the road.
I really think everyone in the world would feel this huge difference, finally putting to rest many skeptics, if there are any; or in any case just... I dunno, probably too huge a project.
Nothing major has to happen though, a tipping point will eventually make its way, if it wants.
Definitely need to try the ghost-riddance one, too, since it's the same size, and I'm really interested in the difference of/in feelings that will occur". ~K.B.


I really like this stuff (implant orgone neutralizer).
The key point is that this is a massive device; I can feel the waters and frequencies cleanly, and it doesn't make my body ache at all, compared to any other huge orgone piece made by most people.
("No aches," though some spots are more healing/pleasant than others.) - Keith


Like every other time I have made a purchase from you I was in the market for nothing short of miracle and you delivered.

The implant neutralizer has done wonders. The time I used it I got rid of about half of something I had felt moving around in my solar plexus on and off for weeks (or months). I have used it on other places and since realized that I saw behavioral changes in myself forthe better inside of 24 hours. I have only felt anything burn once and that was eliminating the other half of whatever was moving around in my solar plexus area. I also tried placing it in my pocket just to for protection and grounding, and while 24 hours earlier I was researching black magic, I couldn't even summon the anger that had driven me to read those articles when I had a similar situation that was brought on by something preventable (and I was trying because it was beyond me how I wasn't at least twice as angry at that moment), let's just say that there are to many positive effects to really tell you about and do justice to in the process. T.P."


"Implant neutralizer has helped me very well, as should be obvious with the above. The first night I went to bed with it against my chest I could hear my heart pounding all the way into my eardrums (making me able to focus on my heart more than my mind, as many meditation experts say to aim for). I've never felt that before, even months and months ago when I was curing myself of one or more self-diagnosed heart conditions by breathing in as much as possible---and holding my breath while performing yoga, to allow for air to flow through hopefully potentially my entire body and alleviate many pains. I felt my heart greatly during those times and recent ones, but never to the point where I could hear it that loudly... thus indicating an even stronger beat. Anyway, that hasn't happened as strongly anymore, but it is what it is, I still get many other/similar benefits, and I wish you well." ~K. B


"Thank you so much much for having this orgone implant neutralizer.
I receive it last night and I put it on my wrist because almost 2 months from now I have this pain
I didn't know what happen but last night when I hold it and rub on my wrist for 10 mins Pain is gone...
And morning I woke up pain went away... Thanks you so much" ~ A.C.


"I have tried many methods to remove the negative patterns to no avail and it seems like the implant neutralizer is helping me a lot" xx


As soon as I held the implant neutralizer in my left hand where I suspected an implant,
I felt a HUGE tremendous amount of energy in particular in one of my fingers that was swollen for quite a while. My finger was tingling until I guess the implant was disabled. WOW! These orgone pieces are very powerful! I am quite shocked! Terry C


"This is strange...
I found an implant under my foot, it was so painful, then I used the implant neutralizer and pain went away in minutes, WOW!
I am so glad!!" xx


"I have been using the implant neutralizer and I can feel it working when placed on my face and mouth. " X. X.


Orgone Implant Neutralizer


(including s&h anywhere in the world)

due to high demand and because this is a handmade product
we ship on first come first serve

May this Orgone tool keep you safe, positive and free of implants or energy debris ALWAYS.

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