Manifest Fast... Manifest with Ease... Increase Inner Peace and Serenity...
Peace Manifestation Relax Orgone Pendant


"There is more to life than increasing its speed."
~ Gandhi

People look for ways to distress from the craziness of this world. They seek peace in the external stimulants where in fact the peace is already a state within.

The secret is ultra simple.

Being relaxed means letting the natural order of life flow through ones being, releasing all worries and tension.
The key to happiness is inner peace.

When your mind is tranquil, all your ill-thoughts cease.

Peace Manifestation Relax Orgone Pendantis effective for relaxing in ordinary as well as unusually stressful situations, promoting harmony and tranquility.

Manifestation Peace Orgone Pendant
Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''
design might be slightly different


Peace Manifestation Relax Orgone Pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

induce deep sense of peace and calmness

* manifest fast, manifest with ease

* promote peace and stability

* bring peace and clam to relationships

* alleviate fears and anxiety

* align subtle bodies

* facilitate meditation

* eliminate negativity, generate a positive attitude, optimism, self esteem, confidence

* uplift the spirit

* control temperament

* bring serenity and patience

* release physical and emotional tension

* remove blockages from nervous system

* balance yin and yang

The essential oils and herbs chosen for this pendant are well known for their powerful resonance with the frequency of peace.
The high quality gemstones selected for this pendant will help open you up to relaxation and peace, overcoming negative thoughts and attitudes.
The high frequencies infused in this pendant help dissolve emotional blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, facilitating peace and serenity.
The blessed holy water used for the pendant is strongly charged, keeping peace and harmony frequencies active.

Along with wearing this pendant we suggest the powerful Deep Conscious Relaxation Meditation MP3 Download that was birthed from Spirit during a powerful Moon Transmission.

Peace Affirmations:
Peace is within me.
I am at peace.
All is well.
I am grateful that I am experiencing a great state of inner peace and happiness.

Place your orgone pendant under your pillow during sleeping to reinforce its effects.

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." ~Chinese Proverb


What People have to say about the peace and relaxation orgone pendant

Its been awhile since I have last emailed you with my experiences wearing the Dragon and
Peace manifestation orgone pendants
When I think of the things I want, they come fast.
for example; before I call and check my credit card balance, the figures come to my mind right away.
when I listen to the balance, I am right on the nose. It really amazes me. even when I think about
what time it is, it comes to me and I check the clock and I am right. at night, I see the light that comes to me at times...
there is so much more... I am looking for the next pendants.
Thank you, Thank you, thank you for your wonderful products...
May god bless fulfill your life with many blessings and prosperity, too.
take care carol"


" Just a short email to say thank you. I received the pendants today and as always, they are stunning.
Please extend to Lilly how supremely gifted I think she is and how beautifully exquisite
each and every one of her unique orgone creations is!
A Million Divine Blessings, ~ L. G."


"Dear Lilly,
The peace and relaxation pendant has been unbelievable.
I've had a sciatica so badly that it was hard to move one of my legs at all,
taking a short walk was like torturing myself.
After sleeping with it under my pillow for a night I woke up and realized that
what had felt like a throny stick in my leg running up into my hip was just gone
I've also have touches of clench jaw that have decreased,
this has been going on for about 3 years so I was starting to think nothing would ever get rid of what was left of it.
For both of these problems I was starting to think nothing could help. I can't thank you enough,
orgone has been working (even if it's over very extended periods of time)
where everything has failed, it's easy to use, and being from the multi-tasking generation,
I love being able to heal somewhat without skipping a beat in my day
when I am working, playing, and even sleeping. E.S.P."


I wear the peace manifestation pendant whenever I feel compelled to and sometimes
in conjunction with my AUM (OM) Pendant.
This pendant does just what the name implies and reminds
me that have piece and joy in everything I do is just as important in what
I am doing and essential to the energy I emit while doing it. ~Sanford "


Dear Lilly,
Thank you for your beautiful orgone pendants.
The first night I received them I meditate with the "confidence orgone pendant" and
the "peace and relaxation orgone pendant"
I followed the instructions on your website regarding the affirmations and touching the chakras. 
I had two amazing dreams in which I had lots of confidence in myself.
The next day at work I had my Confidence pendant with me.
I am usually shy and I  become intimidated easily when I have strong ,
rich customers with taugh attitude at my table game.
The strange thing is that I dealt the game smooth and calm, no emotions.
His bad vibes (because he lost money) did not affect my mood.
I believe that each of the orgone pendant has it's own unique energy and has an activating,
clearing power when placed on various chakras.
Thank you again, I will give special attention to my orgone pendants.
I will make them part of me. "
Monica S."


Peace Manifestation Relax Orgone Pendant

(including s&h anywhere in the world)

Elixirs are in harmony with high vibrational orgone -- there is a natural synergy created between the two forces that cut through illusions and expedite our growth cycles.
We recommend the blue lotus Lily elixir in addition to wearing the pendant.


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