It only takes 68 seconds to shift perception...

"68 seconds" Spiritual Technique to Shift Depressive Mood

This about the “power of 17 seconds”.

I believe is Abraham/Ester Hicks Law of Attraction material.

The technique involves focusing for 17 seconds on pure thoughts.

17 seconds multiplied by 4 = 68.

It makes sense that 68 seconds of pure thought is much more powerful then 17 seconds of pure thought.

Saying your thoughts out loud or writing them down can be easier then focusing on them mentally.

The goal is that you keep the high frequency of good thoughts for 68 seconds which is enough to shift yourself.

I remember this day.
early in the morning getting ready to go scuba diving. I was tired, cranky, didn’t have time to meditate, had pain in my body, overcast (looked like geoengineering) … you know one of those days…

I tried to smile, said my affirmation, listened to high vibrational music to no avail. Passion was not there.

68 seconds to manifest

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68 seconds came to my mind:
I started to say quietly a few affirmations mentally for 68 seconds:

"I feel good,
I am super healthy I am having so much fun NOW, diving makes me feel great, I am full of energy!!!

During the 68 seconds time I didn’t stop for one second, the good thoughts kept coming.
By the end of 68 seconds (I timed it) I wasn’t only feeling great, my body felt wonderful,
no more tiredness, and the rest of the day was really great and blessed.
And that day I met great friends and people like minded.

The universe responded to my pure vibration. It only took 68 seconds...

Notice: all my thoughts were in the present moment - in the NOW moment!!!

I wasn’t diving yet, but I saw myself diving and having fun.
The NOW moment is very important.
If I would have said: “I will have fun today”.. my mind would have understood a future time which could be 2 hours, 10 hours, etc.
But when I said NOW I shifted the mood in the present moment.

68 seconds is another great example of a physical stimulus which impresses the low self. (more about three selves).

In my Podcast I explain and guide you through the 68 seconds Technique to FEEL GOOD!
Listen here:

Writing your thoughts or saying them out loud or even saying them mentally for 68 seconds work for all areas of life:
health, relationships, abundance, finances, home, work, etc

After this really cool experiment, I started to apply the' 68 seconds' in my yoga practice and visualization with beneficial results.

Hope this change someone's life, really... and please let us know if you have great experiences using the “68 seconds”.

Blessings and Joy,

~ Namaste
Lilly Natures Blessings

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