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Grounding ~ Earthing

Grounding is one of the most ancient healing form of energy. Grounding or Earthing is the ability of the body to simply connect with the Earth.

Ancient cultures, shamans honored and knew the importance of grounding, treating Mother Earth with utmost respect.

Westerners, evolved cultures have a hard way earthing due to continuous insulation from the shoes we wear, beds we sleep in, cars we drive and due to electronic pollution that make us hold tension and stress in the body.

The inability to ground can affect our immune system causing all kind of health problems, creating insomnia, fatigue, inflammation, and so on...

Grounding keep your cells dancing freely in the body, allowing the energy drawn from the earth to flow easily in the body inducing deep sleep, releasing stress, allowing the body to feel vibrant and energized.

Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

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This visualization is simple and profound to help you "ground" your energy field and aura. Imagine a cord from the base of the spine going deep inside the earth or even better visualize roots from your feet spreading into the earth.

The chakras in the soles of the feet absorb energy from Mother Earth. Feet chakras and base of the spine (root chakra) help us to stay grounded and earthed. When you do any form of spiritual practice like energy healing it is essential that body's energies are earthed to create a complete circuit for healing energies. Make sure your feet are touching the floor/earth at all times. This brings the spiritual into the physical and earth negative energies into the ground for transmutation.

We also suggest Feet chakra Balancers for super powerful grounding, good night sleeping, protection, detox and much more...

Check out a podcast I created on grounding, benefits and ways to ground yourself. Enjoy it!


Happy Grounding! Happy Earthing!

Lilly Natures Blessings



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