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Orgone chakra balancers (OCB)



When an imbalance in the chakras is created, the energy flows less in the chakras or out of the chakras, creating blocks in the chakras. If a chakra is not active and function well, the flow of energy between chakras is affected, causing problems for our body, mind and spirit. Read more about chakras' blockages here.

Energy blockages are the main culprits for mental, physical, emotional problems.



Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency and has a special duty. Each orgone chakra balancer is made of a combination of fiberglass resin and metal chips, a strong charged and holy waters from around the world including zam zam water (which keeps the orgone matrix pure) crystals and gemstones chosen carefully for a particular chakra.


The vibration of orgone chakra balancers help activating, clearing, balancing and charging the chakras, rebalancing and harmonizing the natural ability to heal emotionally and physically. They promote peace and relaxation and sometimes induce OBE’s (out of body experiences).

If you feel tense or feel a block in one of your chakras, simply place an appropriate orgone chakra balancer (OCB) on that particular chakra for at least 15 minutes, relaxing deeply. Some people reported that when holding an OCB in the palm they could feel vibration in that hand as well as that particular chakra.

Orgone chakra balancer Exercise (with diagram): here

They are great powerful tools for healers, distant healers, energy workers, yogis and yoghinis, meditators, shamans, and people who want peace and healing in their lives. For distant healing draw the body of the healee on a piece of paper and place the OCB's on the appropriate chakras and leave them until the healing session is done or until you feel it is done.


What people have to say about Orgone Chakra Balancers

my right side was really blocked and used the OCBs (orgone chakra balancers) to clear and move some of the stagnant dead wind. I love the OCB's lilly they have really helped to move the energy, I could feel it moving specially in my feet where I put the root one and my forehead where I put the 3rd eye one, and there was less pressure in my sinus canals, and that it why my ears are blocked. Thank you Lilly you are a great friend I was sending you blessings whilst using them for creating making and providing them ;) you are an angel on earth! xxxxxxx


Meditating with the OCB's (orgone chakra balancers) from you I noticed that I am very calm and there is crazy amount of activity in my third eye". ~ K.C.


Dear Lilly, That's not the only life changing experience I've had with the stuff you've sent me. Not long after receiving the orgone chakra balancers, I meditated with them... It was quite a ride. I have to admit it felt as if someone was helping me along the way, pushing me to do what I needed to do. Needless to say, the next day I felt refreshed (thanks to your chakra balancers), but I also felt like there was a positive buzz coming off of me, and no one could do anything to change that positivity.
You've provided me with information and tools that I need to help myself evolve, and I don't think I could ever re-pay you guys for that. T.L.

Lovely Lilly, I am more amazed with the chakra balancers everyday. I can't thank you enough. M.L.

"Wonderful Lilly, I noticed two really interesting things since using the orgone chakra balancers. 1)while meditating, I went astrally to the general area I gifted with the orgone mini you sent, and I was so AWARE. 2) I found I can directly create the atmosphere while teaching, in the room. I had a group of three very kind and lovely ladies, and felt we together had made such an atmosphere of GRACE, and I could facilitate it with my teaching. They said afterward they learned so much. That was just what I aimed for (that they learn a lot and felt good afterwards, confident in their abilities). It's all getting better and better everyday. Thank you for being a friend and guiding light along this path!! ~M"

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