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Protection, Anti-Radiation, Grounding Orgone Products
Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8'' each
What is Orgone?

Grounding is connecting with Earth and the universe around us.


Feeling ungrounded, unearthed, drained, fatigued, cannot sleep, having nightmares?

Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

Feet chakras balancers (orgone) keep one grounded and connected to earth, and create a protective filed around feet that will block the intrusion of unwanted energies (entities) into ones energy filed. It also seems that once feet energy centers are unblocked, the root chakra (where kundalini shakti resides) that is associated with abundance, grounding, instinct, security, manifestation becomes balanced and stable.

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Energies are transmitted at frequencies invisible to the naked eye.

Feeling drained, fatigued, afraid for no apparent reason?

Those sympthoms might indicate negative or/and dark psychic energies, spirits or entities.

If auric field is not strong enough, external energies or negative thought forms can invade your aura, creating confusion, fear, stress, anger, frustration, pain etc.

Protection orgone pendant help protect against "bad vibes", "psychic attacks" and "emotional pollution", connecting one to the divine protection.

Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''



Orgone Implant NEUTRALIZER

Implants not only create damage to etheric body but also to physical body and interfere with the general health. They can block ones abilities (psychic), interfere with the flow of energy in the body as well as aura, throw one off balance, disabling one physically and mentally, create weird behavior, anxiety, fear, depression, anger.

Orgone Implant Neutralizer is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help neutralize and remove the unwanted energy implants form physical and subtle bodies, strenghten and repair aura after implant neutralizing



Approx dimensions: diameter 1 7/8''


Protect yourself from Radiation, X-rays, irradiated food.

This Radiation deflector orgone pendant help protect you from the effects of harmful radiations, including nuclear radiation, high frequencies antennas (cell phone towers), infrared, microwaves or any electromagnetic pollution.



Aura Gem Elixir

Aura (subtle bodies) or energy field that sourrounds the physical body acts as a protective screen delineating your space. When aura is not balanced it creates stress producing energy leakage. When it is balanced it repels other's people unwanted energy providing protection.

Using these elixirs, energies are transferred from physical levels to higher vibrational levels to help to:

* heal holes in the aura created by illness, mental or emotional pain
* detach unpleasant thoughts and other mental influences
* balance personal energies, recharging 'personal batteries'
* align aura with the physical body, mind and spirit
* protect and strenghten aura drawing in divine energy
* provide psychic shield and release stagnant energetic blockages
* ground energies, disolving negative thoughts and emotions
* improve psychic strengths
sharpen and expand your energetic body

Aura Gem Elixir
Approx : 1 oz



Place the mini orgone protectors inside or outside on all 4 corners of your property to deflect any negative energies and for property protection and well-being.



This evil man made contract cancelation insight came when women warriors group were in a boosting channeling session.
My psychic seeing was guiding us to a lady (spiritual guide) who gave us "pen and paper" to cancel all the evil/man-made contracts we have signed in this life or previous lives.

This contract helps protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations, reclaiming sovereignty over psysical body and subtle body, empowering energetic field, listening to only God's and intuitive guidance, bringing peace of mind, being true to yourself.


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