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Feet Chakra Balancing


Ungrounded? Unearthed? Please raise your hands!

Well... Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

All energy comes from the Source and not from own being.

Not only they keep us grounded and connected to earth, but they create a protective filed around feet that will block the intrusion of unwanted energies (entities) into our energy filed. It also seems that once we unblock feet energy centers we can work on balancing the root chakra (where kundalini shakti resides) that is associated with abundance, grounding, instinct, security, manifestation, stability…

Usually women who are sensitive/empaths deal with a lot of ungrounding issues and the answer to this is of course earthing.

The flow of energy passes from chakra to chakra and the foot chakra is an important center because we draw energy from Earth into our chakra system. Feet chakras are not only the main centers of vitality and grounding they are also centers of detoxification as energy travels from upper chakras to lower chakras and then down into the earth where energy is being recycled. An imbalanced (blocked) foot chakra will affect people negatively, will become portals of psychic attacks, in particular earthbound spirits.


Eastern meditators and yogis spend a lot of time sitting, allowing them a greater connection with the Earth through their root (base of spine) chakra. What about westerners? Unless we meditate a lot or walk barefoot in the nature it’s hard to ground ourselves. Daily I go to my backyard and spend some time bare foot honoring the Earth and salute the sun. Feels very good but it seems is not enough…

So, during one of my high spirited channeled meditations I had a "Eureka!" moment and Happy FEET CHAKRA BALANCERS (orgone) were created!!!

I literarily felt the energy tingling so powerfully in my feet, swirling up my legs and root chakra, buzzing my whole body. The information how to create these little tools of healing and awakening kept downloading to my mind until the next day when I started their physical creation.

It took me about three weeks to make and play with them and all I can tell is absolutely WOW! The results are beyond GREAT!!! We have had so many people writing back mentioning the very POWERFULl benefits of these little toys!

In fact when I write this I have just removed them from my socks after a good night sleep. My feet feel so unbelievable light and happy!!! I feel so light in my body and even if the sky is covered today I feel great!! They are not only tools of grounding they are amazing connectors to the sun ~ solar energy and crown chakra, they balance the entire system. Even more, they are great detoxifiers, I literarily feel the toxins being pulled out even after removing them, I am truly excited about these toys! They are also great up lifters, they put me a giggly mood. Once I put them on I started to giggle and not only my soles of the feet started tingling but my crown tingled as well… Happy feet, happy crown! Yay!

Some people I worked with, had entities attaching through their feet chakras. I have also seen that ungrounded feet chakras can become portals of entrance for unwanted entities. Those entities can cause all sorts of issues from emotional to physical pain.

Another great ghost buster is water! Robert Bruce mentions that “earthbounds cannot cross running water, because running water generates an EM field that repels them. Also, the grounding involved with water (electrical grounding) demanifests entities.”

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What people have to say about these amazing feet chakra balancers -orgone

"Dear Lilly,
I want first , to thank you for the foot chakra balancers...the cramps in my husbands legs have not occured since the very first night he wore them, it's been 24 days now !!! Also, definately sleeping better. You do really make POWERFUL HEALING ORGONE." ~ Carolyn L.


Dear Lilly,

I had ordered the Foot Chakra balancers around Christmas time and it has brought a strong measure of relief from pain
that I did not experience with other products I was using.
I have been suffering from severe foot and leg pain, circulation problems in legs and regular walking had become
very painful for the past few months.
I was using a flower essence---aromatherapy spray for the Foot Chakra and using crystals for grounding but with no relief.
Because of the inability to walk without suffering a lot of pain, I also felt very stressed out and vulnerable.
I want to thank you for making these foot chakra Balancers.
I use them regularly and walking is so much less painful now.
Although my symptoms haven't all gone away, my sense of confidence in my body's ability to deal with sudden,
painful ascension symptoms has returned with the use of this product.
I place it in my socks at night, but even during the day, I carry it in my pocket always.
Makes it easier to handle Foot Chakra related issues.
I also want to thank Lilly for the article on the Foot Chakra on your web site.
I learnt a lot from it. Another area in which I have been experiencing problems is in the complete disruption of my
Circadian rhythms as a result of the rapid changes brought about by Ascension.
This disruption has greatly affected the quality of my daily life.
Although I have tried flower essences, essential oils, herbs, energy healing etc. to deal with this problem, nothing helped.

I have noticed slight changes in balancing these rhythms when I started using the foot Chakra Balancers.
I hope that very soon normal Circadian rhythms will be restored.
I look forward very much to receiving the Protection Orgone Pendant and the Peace Manifestation Relax Orgone Pendant
and deriving great Benefits from their Use!!!
Thanks also for putting together the Cancel Man-Made Contracts files which I just ordered.
I really need them at this point in my Ascension Journey.
Thanks once again and Blessings of Love, Joy and Peace to both of you at Nature's Blessings!!! Lipika. "


I wanted to let you know, for the first few weeks of wearing the feet orgone, I slept very well, my partner was a little unsure, but he is  open to trying new things, one day he was having horrible headaches he was restless and could not sleep, I gave him the feet orgone to try and he was amazed, he was trying to understand how it worked, how it might contribute to healing.
He was impressed and felt relief from it, and it knocked him out, he slept well and the headache was gone. Dionne W"


"Dear Lilly, I am water sign and during full moons I am intensely emotional. Your Earthing feet chakra balancers helped me stay centered around full moons where before I could hardly sleep. Now that I wear these feet grounders I sleep all night long during full moons. Not only that they really help me release emotional tension stack in my body. thank you for creating these amazing gifts." Jessica S.


"So I have now almost completed the 21 nights, and let me tell you, my sleep has COMPLETELY improved!!!!!! I have "normal" sleeping patterns now and when I wake up, I feel that I had a full nights rest.  I cannot thank you enough, I feel that part of me is finally at ease. Thank you for everything!!! ~A"


"Dear Lilly, My purchase of these valuable tools was well-timed. The FCB's have helped to restore most of my energy and I do not feel so drained and tired as I used to. They were particularly helpful during this month's menstrual cycle: all too often I am left drained once it concludes. J"


"I received my FCB (feet chakra balancers) yesterday and so I slept with them in my socks and ohmygosh!!!  I literally felt it within 1 minute, my feet and legs were tingly and everything!  I fell asleep within 5-10 minutes ((something that never happens without a pill sleeping aid)) and I slept completely through the night waking up around 8:30 ish feeling rested. That NEVER happens!  It was amazingly amazing!!! Thank you so much!!!~ Ashley "


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